Sweetest Moments

Sweetspot.ca Modelling Gig

Moment one:
As a Co-op program I have been working at Sweetspot.ca. There I have met amazing people who have been a great inspiration to my future in writing. I have had the opportunity to write for them and be a part of the team. I was published about a month ago which was extremely exciting. Above is the video I was asked to be a model for! I took of a day from school and got all dolled up. The experience was a lot of fun. I was extremelyyyy excited to see the video finished and up on the website this morning. Awesome Moment!

Moment two:
To wrap up my holiday FREAK out last time... A special someone took me on the most wonderful date. They first showed up with flowers, we went skating, exchanged gifts! It was so sweet and totally memorable. Beautiful moment.

Moment three:
The picture above, adorable right? I love love love that candid moment!

There is a lovely amount of snow on the ground that is making life wonderful. This weekend is super exciting as well, my little brother is becoming a man! More on that later.

- Montana

Ps. My mom has decided for Christmas/sixteenth birthday (which, yes, was in July) she is getting me a camera! Outfit, inspiration and beautiful pictures oh my!


The Grinch

What do you want for christmas? What about your mom? Or sister? Or boyfriend? Or friend?

That seems to be the only thing important thing about the holidays now. I am blowing off christmas this year. Of course I am jewish... minor detail but it is still the holiday. There are a few special people that will get some things.

Okay but there's one thing I do LOVE about christmas, the movies. How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Rudolph the Red nose reindeer! I could watch those a million times.

Oh and the COZY clothing I get to wear! Hehe, I can't wait, I might even be going skating this Saturday too! Best winter activity ever.

Hope you enjoyed my silly winter holiday pictures. Happy Winter!!!



Put a Language in Your Head

The snow is falling out there, I spend another sunday tucked away in my room. There is lots I should be doing right now... like homework. I can't bring myself to start it just yet. Above is an old outfit picture from October. It was a sunday and my friend liv and I had to venture out. It was a fun day but I look extremely hobo chic. As you can probably tell, I'm writing out of procrastination.

This is what I do instead of homework, research Chinese proverbs:

Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still.

A child's life is a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.

Do not employ handsome servants.
(Hahaha I know right? Craziness)

He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.

Beautiful right? It is a skill to summarize life's biggest lessons in mere sentences.

Happy Sunday xox


You're Original


I was a very, very lucky girl a few weekends ago. I got to go to Miami Beach with one of my very best friends Emma! Of course I had a lovely time in the sun, but the shopping ooooh the shopping. The clothing was fabulous! I was also able to wear all the warm weather clothing that has been getting dusty in the closet.

ugggh it's soo cold here! I want to go back, it was too perfect!

Except it did snow yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed some of the outfits I rocked throughout the trip :) more to come.

PS. correction from last post, I only have ONE boyfriend. (I know sucks right?)


Costumed Up

Last weekend was the infamous Halloween. The chance to ditch your regular look and throw on some new persona. Of course us girls get a chance to slut it up a bit. Theres always a balance. I love the premise of wearing costumes, it is so fun to play around with.

This year... I was a cute sock-hop girl during the day. The poodle skirt is something I actually wore out in grade school! It was a lot of fun. (pictured there with my friend julia who was max from where the wild things are)
At night I took on my summer past-time role as a sailor. The costume was from a themed party a while back. And my boyfriends was the "captain"... awkward.

Hope you had an amazing Halloween!


I'd Never Sing of Love, If it Doesn't Exist

Hi there,

After a whirlwind of exciting weeks at FDCC, Co-op at Sweetspot.ca and Halloween Week (pictures from that soon to come).

Being so caught up with everything I haven't taken any moments to stop and take some time to myself. As I was browsing my plethora of blog addictions I came across this beautiful picture/poem. It is currently set as my background to my computer… it is like a constant reminder to keep loving even when it feels like you can’t anymore. It reminds me to remember the ones I love. It reminds me that sometimes the sun isn't shining but it is always there. It reminds me to celebrate the little things and embrace the big.

I hope all you readers (Hugh and Oliva and maybe Julia {happy now??}) enjoy my emotional little piece but I loved this peom so much I couldn't resist.

Love and Sunshine to All!


Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

This summer my family put on a huge summer blowout. The whole thing is super exciting! We have so many summer babies in our family that it was decided that we celebrate them all (including my own hehe). More specifically we celebrated my oldest brothers milestone birthday.

Not only is the amazing night of fun and costume exciting and wonderful but the whole process is. We start with the planning. Everything is planned down to the type of cocktail napkin. Not only that but the costumes. This summers was a Japanese theme (hence the title). People were dressed in everything! From Kimonos (My friend Emma and I below) to sumo wrestlers to harajuku girls. It was such a fun theme for everyone to take part in. It was an eclectic sight of beauty with all within the different colours throughout the crowd.
What I wore was this awesome little kimono my mom bought me when I was younger and these clog-sandal mix heel. We are both wearing the classically tied obi. I had these crazy eyelashes on, they had tiny little pearl things on the end, very cool.

A few images to give you a taste of the atmosphere...

Happy Fall!


My Turn to Decide

After all the worry and boredom last year, I feel new and rejuvenated. I feel independent and stronger then ever before. I am pursuing the dreams I have always had and figuring them out for myself!

I have confirmed my internship at Sweetspot.ca (which everyone should check out ;) and today I had a meeting with the head of volunteers at FDCC...

Yes you heard me right, Fashion Design Council of Canada, the company that started ALL of the fashion the Canada gets. Anywho, I am going to be helping out there after school!

Here was my first experience at Fashion Week in Grade 9, it was AMAZING, sat front row and was truly inspired.

Fortune favors the prepared mind.
-Louis Pasteur-


Let Me Hold Your Crown

Sara Bareilles came out with a smash hit a few years ago. Her cheekiness and spunk made her climb the charts like no other. Those words describe her perfectly because her recent song and video are the best thing I have come across in a long time. The song is called King of Anything. And just hearing that makes me laugh, it describes so much in my life. They lyrics come at you with a sass and cheek like no other.

Oh and the fashion part... how CUTE does she look throughout the video?? Plus the design is great. Her outfits are very down to earth and look like she picked them because she is so comfortable. But the final scenes in the tutu dresses? Very cheeky (yes I said it AGAIN)

Check it out



Young Forever

I am back and ready for action my friends. This is grade 11 and a whole new year ahead of me. One of my favourite literary geniuses said it best, but to reiterate, oh the places I could go and the places I could see! This year counts, but it doesn't. That gives me a chance to try new things and be carefree. My hope is to be more focused on this blog and make it the best it can be.

Speaking of places... one beautiful shot of British Coloumbia's ocean coast.

and one last quote I will repeat, and will keep repeating

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow,
yet we forget that he is somone today.
-Stacia Tauscher




So that was from a little while ago, very army/housewife chic.
Tomorrow will mark the official end to my summer. Although it has been beyond freezing for the last few days I tried to enjoy it too that fullest. It was very hard to do I've never seen such flat weather. BUT I am embarking on one CraZZY adventure on thursday. I am off to BC to sea kayak with the rest of my class. I have so many mixed emotions I dont know what to do!
I wish everyone a shana tova! or a happy new year because this week is also Rosh Shana, the jewish new year
Cheers to new adventures, experiences and dreams!


Flower Power

Hiiii There
Sorry it has been this long all my loyal follower (hehe)
its been an amazing summer and currently I'm doing a course and my exam is tomorrow!
here is a cheerful outfit to add a little punch to this days uhhh studiful day
Vintage Shorts, Borrowed Shirt, Office Shows, TopShop Belt



I Wish I Was as Pretty as Betty Draper

For my fashion design project I made this sweet little jumper, which I am extremely proud of.

It need to be made out of 4 different previously owned materials. We then were given a decade, I got 1950s, which was aaaamazing. By far one of my very favourite decades. It was just so clean and proper. I took a dress played around with it to create this garment. Another exciting thing about this project, my mom bought me a sewing machine! Today I learnt how to use it while sewing this.

As you can see, I had my inspirations, Betty and Marylin (yes we are on first name basis). Because of my recent obsession with Mad Men and am now torn between the two beauties. The picture of Marilyn above was my exact inspiration while the idea of Betty stayed in my mind.

Keep up the creativity


In the Night Sky

How hipster of me I know.
That young man would be a very old friend of mine Josh. Our mothers were in maternity classes together and him along with another boy David were born barely 24 hours apart. Both of our moms were extremely excited to see us together again. We went to a dance then had an adventure getting to the after party... very fun.
Getting to the fashion part of this post, so there I'm wearing a sweet little vintage number. Nice and high neck, short and sparkly. It seemed prefect. I arrived at the danced and I have never felt so out numbered. Itsy-bitsy, tiny weeny things were EVERYWHERE. Butts, boobs, tummys, everything suctioned in and spilling out. The heels were higher then the damned CN tower and strappier then a criss-crossed bra. It was so insanely slutty I didnt know what to do. It was so upsetting. There were the few girls who definately pulled off some great looks, stylish, appropreate. But I couldn't help wondering, where has the class gone?
Sure it could be expensive, but that what value village is for. Sure it could be too get attention, be in the freaking school play. I don't think I will ever understand.
Never forget yourself, never ever, your all beautiful, show it in YOUR way.
In the beautiful words of Will Farrel:
Stay Classy San Diego


I'ma Touch the Sky

source: www.fashionlayne.blogspot.com

SOoo.. long time to no talk. After a very lovely last post, I've improved. I ran a 10km race yesterday. Such an amazing expirence, nothing like it. After we celebrated with some bubbly and the picture just makes me giggle. What a happy time.
It reminded me to appreciate it all and not let the little things get to me
The story posted it above does the same, no?
Love you all :)


Change is the Only Thing in Life That is Consistant


How I feel about life.

My school is changing, my house is changing, my summer is changing.

I literally don't know how to deal! It's just so frustrating. I had my heart absolutely set on my summer. It what has been getting me through the past few months. I have been setting goals, I am more involved then I have ever been and it feels like it is getting me absolutely NO where.

^Quote by my mom, she repeats it often to keep me calm. Gawwdd whatta world.



ha ya right..


"Girls Should Be Two Things: Classy and Fabulous"

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
- Coco Chanel (including title)

Why is she so insanely fabulous? I aspire to be as graceful and lovely as she is. What sparked this sudden interest? Watching the most amazing movie, Coco Avant Chanel. It was inspiring, both on the fashion part and the french part. It made me want to throw on a pair of riding chaps and boots to school the next day and speak french to everyone I know.

Audrey Tautou is also magnificent as well. She is glamour and beauty of our time. The odds that Gabrielle Chanel (her real name) defied are like none other. She reminded me that being polite doesn't always get you very far.

Remember ladies, never ever change yourself for anyone and you can do absolutely anything you put your hearts to.

Love and Glamour to all


Let Them Eat Cacao

Busy Dayzz
So yesterday, I got my very first paycheck! (Well other then the random modeling gigs from when I was younger... god knows what happened to those) I started work 3 weeks ago for my moms resturant, MoRoCo Chocolat. I serve chocolate, cash people out, make coffee etc. Today I am working again :D Sooo exciting!~
Heres the website:

Speaking about modeling^ those pictures were a campaign I did last year for the shop.
Eat (quite literally) Your Hearts Out!


It's all Make Believe, Isn't it?

We worries what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.
-Stacia Taucher

As I have been traveling lately I can't help but constantly think of the future. In the future I hope to being living abroad and experiencing the world. Toronto seems dull and uninspiring. I want to go out and be inspired and enthralled to live in such a vast world. Is that too much to ask? Some people say I need to stop wanting to grow up so fast and I should cherish my youth. Then why the hell at the same time would they tell me to set goals for the goddamn future!
Take a look at some classy outfits from Miami. Being a teenager isn’t easy, so for now I’m gonna pretend to be all grown up.


Caught Up in the in Crowd, Now Your Instyle

Magically, Wonderful, Inspiring Adventures with pretty outfits...

Mike Chalut - Very Brokeback Mountain, love his guts!
On me - Topshop, jacket: Mothers night gown slip, dress: L.A.M.B, pumps

Second Day of shopping, gorgeous cherry blossoms absolutely everywhere!
New Pants and jacket, Topshop: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Love Quotes, scarf. Gorgeous cherry blossoms in the background

Getting ready to go out for dinner but it look like I was ready for War (Sorry for the blur)
Pants again: Mom's shirt: Steve Madden, New Boots

On the way to Brunch
Vintage Besty Johnston, dress: Topshop, socks

My dream school, NYU

Read below for more info on these mix up of pictures

^Up, Up & Away

On beautiful Easter Weekend my mother and I decided that we would take a trip to handsome New York City. We shopped and enjoyed the sunshine.
And yes key word, shopped. The finds were amazing, especially from Topshop! What an amazing store. My personal favourite find were the high waisted army pants from Topshop. They are super, super cute.
I am still on the hunt for a cute pair of heels for my amazing summer abroad. Preferably that stylish beige everything seems to be and summer-y to go with all the new dresses I bought.
Also the week before that was Toronto Fashion Week. I got to break out all the cool outfits that I can’t wear to school. The party and people were so uninspiring for a fashion show it was somewhat disappointing. I still made the best of it.

^^Here are a bunch of pictures of my adventures, have fun!


Words are Very Unnecessary

My friend Red (or Julia Shultz) and I went to queen street I know how hipster are we. We ate some pizza, took some pictures it was a lot of fun times.
It was the first day of spring wow how beautiful just a few more months.
Enjoy life and love :)