Mother Nature, Nice to Meet You

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jacket, Target; t-shirt, Silence & Noise; pants, Topshop; shoes, converse; purse, Mama’s Vintage Prada

That flower is from my garden! I guess it got so excited over the beautiful day we had on Saturday is decided to say hi! This was Easter Sunday. I dressed like it was spring which made me so so so happy! My mom seems to have all these amazing things tucked away in her closet, I just pulled out a bunch of them and now I am going to make rocking outfits with them. That purse is absolutely stunning – I love it. We had a hell of a time this weekend, enjoying the weather and such.

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- M


Her Name Was Lola

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romper, Scoop; glasses; Vintage

Teeny tiny bikinis and other stuff. We kept calm and partied right on. As you can see all the girls are enjoying themselves. The colours were fun, the mood was right, the weather was not but we had a good time anyway. HBD to Katie!

I want summer now!!!!!!!

- M


Got My Dreams

Pretty pictures that make me happy…beetimesPretty Bees!6a00e554f1ae938833011570806257970b-800wiYup.carefreeThat’s me! WeDay, having so much fun. Photo credit - JanefortfortfortI wanna live there… dimplesBack Dimples, cool.

6a00e554f1ae9388330147e19f415f970b-800wiCute summer outfit.

iheartitHearts everywhere! I want to try this.

Jenny_And_JohnnyGreatest couple ever.

summer  I want you summer…

heelsandsuitsSexy ladies!


  That post made no sense at all. It is basically what is going on in my head right now… just about everything! I have had a lovely week so I thought I would share the love.
live, laugh, love




Toronto Diary

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Spring 105

jeans and purse, Topshop; jacket, vintage; boots, Browns

Some selfies, artsy shots, runway stuff. I was very lucky to be able to attend Toronto Fashion Week with my friend Christian. We went to Rudsak which was very cool – edgy, motorcycle wear. We then went on an adventure to find food. It was pretty fun running around in those boots (I told you they would be seen again). The outfit was simple with a bunch of intense pieces. I was really surprised to see some really amazingly dressed people. The last few times I was lucky enough to go I don’t remember being inspired. This time it was exciting – go Toronto!

- M



UK 1872UK 1871UK 1874 UK 1864UK 1873tumblr_liwfx1mWp31qb8xspo1_500

Today was beautiful. Those pictures weren’t taken today, they were taken in the middle of March at the Econ Building in St. Andrews - that’s a tough life ya business students, but they were not taken today. Today it thunder stormed in the morning causing me to lay in bed and enjoy Sunday. The afternoon was filled with wet pavement and clouded sunrays. I went for a run and everything was green. It made me so happy. We are so much closer to looking like that ^

That lovely “thing” is from an amazing tumblr called the little things. It reminds you just how lovely those small things are. And oh the sun how I miss you!

- M


How Much Rock Do You Like With Your Roll?

Spring 071Spring 072Spring 073   cardigan, Topshop; tanktop, Elli Tahari; jeans, Topshop; boots, Browns

So yeah, I love these boots. A lot. I can not actually tell you how much I love them. Oh and the jeans. They are gonna be seen many times after this too. The wash is prefect, the fit is comfy and they look good! This was my going out on the town outfit. Oh, and a beautiful note – that is my new lipstick. I am no make up professional that’s' for sure, I find it fun sometimes. I love the classic, glamorous look.

- M


The Camel Express

Spring 003Spring 020Spring 022Spring 027Spring 033 Spring 035Spring 038Spring 043 Spring 046Spring 060  coat, value village; sweater, Ralph Lauren; jeans, Topshop; boots, Boutique9; bag, Jost (I don’t know what’s on Jess, she looks adorable though)

That’s my lovely friend Jessi… we had some fun together. We went on an ultimate treasure hunt through value village. We found some serious keepers as shown above. But actually, I almost brought home too much. $50 later I had 7 items that I could not leave behind. Brutal.

The camel coat I am wearing I purchased for $15 at value village in December. It was too cold to really wear it so I broke it out for spring. It’s fits me in a really nice way, although it is very long for a trench coat.  It looks like I was ready to go riding…

I am loving this blogging thing, next goal: FOLLOWERS!

- M