You're Original


I was a very, very lucky girl a few weekends ago. I got to go to Miami Beach with one of my very best friends Emma! Of course I had a lovely time in the sun, but the shopping ooooh the shopping. The clothing was fabulous! I was also able to wear all the warm weather clothing that has been getting dusty in the closet.

ugggh it's soo cold here! I want to go back, it was too perfect!

Except it did snow yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed some of the outfits I rocked throughout the trip :) more to come.

PS. correction from last post, I only have ONE boyfriend. (I know sucks right?)


Costumed Up

Last weekend was the infamous Halloween. The chance to ditch your regular look and throw on some new persona. Of course us girls get a chance to slut it up a bit. Theres always a balance. I love the premise of wearing costumes, it is so fun to play around with.

This year... I was a cute sock-hop girl during the day. The poodle skirt is something I actually wore out in grade school! It was a lot of fun. (pictured there with my friend julia who was max from where the wild things are)
At night I took on my summer past-time role as a sailor. The costume was from a themed party a while back. And my boyfriends was the "captain"... awkward.

Hope you had an amazing Halloween!


I'd Never Sing of Love, If it Doesn't Exist

Hi there,

After a whirlwind of exciting weeks at FDCC, Co-op at Sweetspot.ca and Halloween Week (pictures from that soon to come).

Being so caught up with everything I haven't taken any moments to stop and take some time to myself. As I was browsing my plethora of blog addictions I came across this beautiful picture/poem. It is currently set as my background to my computer… it is like a constant reminder to keep loving even when it feels like you can’t anymore. It reminds me to remember the ones I love. It reminds me that sometimes the sun isn't shining but it is always there. It reminds me to celebrate the little things and embrace the big.

I hope all you readers (Hugh and Oliva and maybe Julia {happy now??}) enjoy my emotional little piece but I loved this peom so much I couldn't resist.

Love and Sunshine to All!