Sweetest Moments

Sweetspot.ca Modelling Gig

Moment one:
As a Co-op program I have been working at Sweetspot.ca. There I have met amazing people who have been a great inspiration to my future in writing. I have had the opportunity to write for them and be a part of the team. I was published about a month ago which was extremely exciting. Above is the video I was asked to be a model for! I took of a day from school and got all dolled up. The experience was a lot of fun. I was extremelyyyy excited to see the video finished and up on the website this morning. Awesome Moment!

Moment two:
To wrap up my holiday FREAK out last time... A special someone took me on the most wonderful date. They first showed up with flowers, we went skating, exchanged gifts! It was so sweet and totally memorable. Beautiful moment.

Moment three:
The picture above, adorable right? I love love love that candid moment!

There is a lovely amount of snow on the ground that is making life wonderful. This weekend is super exciting as well, my little brother is becoming a man! More on that later.

- Montana

Ps. My mom has decided for Christmas/sixteenth birthday (which, yes, was in July) she is getting me a camera! Outfit, inspiration and beautiful pictures oh my!

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