Tour Eiffel


cape, APC ; sweater dress, Zara ; hat, MonoPrix ; boots, Selfridges

Early morning Paris at the most popular tourist destinations in the city. Beautiful, simple and Parisian.



New Found Treasure


I blog about everything. What’s on my mind, what I think is cool, what I need to vent about and the clothes I love to wear! Over the years this has evolved into a different thing each time I needed it to be. Dare to dream was something that was close to me when I was in Grade 9. It was a term I couldn’t get out of my mind, keeping my dreams alive and well. While obviously I will never stop being daring and never stop dreaming, it was time for a change. The URL will remain the same for now but I will hopefully have a switch over in the next few months.

There’s is a long story attached to the chosen name. But the short of it all is a cute little story attached to my given name, Montana. Treasure State is the state of Montana’s nickname that appears on the license plate. Something clicked for me, it had to be it. My clothes, my quotes and my photos are all little treasures that I want to share with other people.

treas·ure (treZH…ôr)


1. Accumulated or stored wealth in the form of money, jewels, or other valuables.
2. Valuable or precious possessions of any kind.
3. One considered especially precious or valuable.



Paris Diaries

IMG_8890IMG_8490 IMG_8498 IMG_8552IMG_8521IMG_8585 IMG_8681 IMG_8697 IMG_8705 IMG_8715 IMG_8720 IMG_8818IMG_8790IMG_8733IMG_8833IMG_8861

A lifestyle shock and love. Paris was a whirlwind vacation of biking, baguettes and boots. I have fallen in love with the city over and over again. The women are effortlessly stylish and beautiful. The butter makes my knees weak and the coffee kept me going all day. I dream of living there – just that pesky French getting in my way.

Je t’aime Paris!



Night !!

IMG_8408IMG_8410 IMG_8414 IMG_8422 IMG_8383 IMG_8395 IMG_8421 Me: Same as before except, purse, Topshop Vintage ; pearls, vintage   Harry: shirt, Zara ; blazer, Vintage; cords, ; shoes, ralph lauren

So from one to the other we made it to dinner. Full red lips and a red bag make everything look chic.

Pictures to come from my trip this weekend. Jet lagged as can be… reasoning from my extremely early posting.





IMG_8290IMG_8293 IMG_8302IMG_8303IMG_8307IMG_8315IMG_8317IMG_8316IMG_8321

Me: polka-dot blouse, Zara ; camel pants, Mendocino ; fur vest, Le Chateau ; headband, Aldo ; booties, borrowed

Harry: blouse & blazer, Zara ; jeans, Nudie Jeans;

I don’t actually have an office job where this type of outfit transition is fully necessary but it worked out well for a quick switch. My new camel riding pants are super comfy and actually flattering. The blouse is also super cute and it seems like they were a match made it heaven! The vest is one from a costume so the fur isn’t that cozy but it pulls the whole thing together. Basically, this is my casual classy look ready for action.

Harry’s outfit isn’t done justice in these photos. The colour of the deep blue against his khaki blazer was awesome. He is looking extremely dapper on this nice fall morning. We both needed to “dress up” for school. Heheh we like to pretend we are alll grown up!

Stay tuned for the follow-up post!



Let’s Go Riding

IMG_8056IMG_8106 IMG_8087

IMG_8093IMG_8066 IMG_8070

sweater, American Apparel ; pants , Citizens of Humanity; belt, vintage D&G; purse, Prada; boots, Browns; jacket, Value Village

Out for Sunday brunch with the family. I bought these cozy new Citizen of Humanity valour pants this weekend. Their burgundy colour is so so hot, I am loving it. I decided to go for the rider meets nerd look. Cable knits are everywhere and they are so perfect for this time of year. Of course my mom looks all rock and roll for brunch, she’s got the two cool for school thing going on.

Can’t get enough of fall! Don’t even think about it snow!!!