I'd Never Sing of Love, If it Doesn't Exist

Hi there,

After a whirlwind of exciting weeks at FDCC, Co-op at Sweetspot.ca and Halloween Week (pictures from that soon to come).

Being so caught up with everything I haven't taken any moments to stop and take some time to myself. As I was browsing my plethora of blog addictions I came across this beautiful picture/poem. It is currently set as my background to my computer… it is like a constant reminder to keep loving even when it feels like you can’t anymore. It reminds me to remember the ones I love. It reminds me that sometimes the sun isn't shining but it is always there. It reminds me to celebrate the little things and embrace the big.

I hope all you readers (Hugh and Oliva and maybe Julia {happy now??}) enjoy my emotional little piece but I loved this peom so much I couldn't resist.

Love and Sunshine to All!

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