Starry Eyed



Tadaaa! The dress that I made in approximately 72 hours!

I literally have never procrastinated so much in my entire life. I had about a month and a half to complete it, did I take it? No. The actually making of the dress was not so bad, do not get me started on the hand sewn lace. My fingers are still in shambles and my head hurts looking at the pictures. No it isn’t the best garment I have ever made, but its Haute Couture and I am damn proud of it.

Photo credits go to Em Lowsky and Jane Phillips – they are actually beautiful, thank you!




Montana 110514_0492_LoRes Proof

Montana 110514_0497_LoRes Proof Montana 110514_0525_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0548_LoRes Proof Montana 110514_0557_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0563_LoRes Proof Montana 110514_0574_LoRes Proof Montana 110514_0624_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0664_LoRes Proof Montana 110514_0672_LoRes Proof

Outfit #2

dress and belt, Topshop; boots, Brown’s

This is bold, fierce and I am pretty sure Tyra would dig it. This was fun, very fun! Again all my own clothing – this was supposed to be my formal dress. I decided it was a little too wedding-y but I promise to wear it again. By the time we were ready for this shot I was pretty tired. I was tired but I was so ready to be in front of the camera. I was jumping around, figuring out my own thing for the first time.

Ah what an amazing experience! Thank you again to Arash, for his patience and instruction!




Montana 110514_0346_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0380_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0365_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0452_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0461_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0473_LoRes Proof Beauty Look #2 (with a few extra creative’s)

$20 dress from Value Village

I think this looks really business official. The power of make up and computers. I don’t even recognize myself.

- M


Wall-e Kewl

Montana 110514_0131_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0148_LoRes Proof Montana 110514_0196_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0226_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0285_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0296_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0310_LoRes Proof  nerd glasses, Urban Outfitters ; vest, Topshop ; shirt, moms closet ; jeans, Topshop ; shoes, Aldo

Outfit #1

This was fun, really fun! Sticking with the natural make up and curly hair, I had some fun. This is basically an everyday outfit (minus the glasses and pumps). All the clothes are my own so it’s pretty cool to see them all photographed together. I am getting more comfortable in the camera in these pictures that is for sure!

- M


Here Goes Nothing

Montana 110514_0015_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0033_LoRes Proof

Beauty Look #1

This weekend was an absolute success and an amazing experience. Hair and make up was… um.. fun. It just takes so long! This look was simple, "natural” make up. It was supposed to be true to my look, which it is.

There are three other looks. I got to style it all myself, which was very exciting, fun and a little stressful.

Big thanks to Arash – he is so talented and very nice to work with!

- M


Neon Lights, On and On, Buzzin’, Little Secrets

tiedup9535_133965164071_504214071_2728347_3428363_nwaterballons_DSC0977sunsetgreengrass eastersun!rainbowfireworks

sources: one&three, four, seven, nine&ten… the rest are taken by me/someone I know

I’ve got summer fever. It was a dreary weekend (after a beautiful week I must say). I started to reorganize my closet to be adjusted to my spring/summer wardrobe. Pretty simple things like pulling my shorts down from the top selves and putting the fleeces to the back of the closet. Each move made me excited to wear all those easy breezy pieces! Colours, sunsets, rainbow, blue sky, bright orange, maxi dresses, daisy dukes, flipflops, wayfarers, flowers, swimming, bikinis, sailing, surfing, water balloon fights, no shoes, ice cream, bike rides, sunscreen, fireworks, canoe trips, extra vitamin d.

I Love Summer. It is official! No one can come in between us!

34 Days starting now.

Get pumped.

- M


Dressed Up Like Elvis

shaketheglitter 010shaketheglitter 013 shaketheglitter 021 shaketheglitter 032 shaketheglitter 033 shaketheglitter 037 shaketheglitter 072 shaketheglitter 068shaketheglitter 078shaketheglitter 081 shaketheglitter 085

headband, Zanzibar; dress (worn as shirt) and shorts, Topshop; boots, Browns

Acting like some classy chicks right here… There was a Vegas themed party on Friday. We all sorta took our own take of it. Obviously there was lots of glitter included. Every little girls dream, showgirl? Of course! We shook the glitter off our clothes and gave back your class ring at the end of the night – not to worry.

- M