That Girl with the Smile

Lily Allen has this great personality and never fails to surprise us. She came to the Sound Academy recently in Toronto she was totally plastered by the end of the night but wow what a show.

Got My Dreams, Got My Life, Got the Sunshine Above

I've been out and about and very busy but now I'm sick at home and I'm hoping I don't have swine or something else gross. Before the sickness over came me, my friend emily and I took one to many pictures with well dandylions. Both dolled up in cute vintage finds, Emily looks out of place in her sweet skirt in the wilderness.
montanak : )



The most beautiful country in the world.. France. Nothing beats its culture, food and fashion. Not too special outfit just an Audrey worthy coat and a smile.

This is baby faced me posing around a sweet garden at a small museum.


Birds, Bees and the Trees

Spring is in the air and to celebrate the warm weather and my first post. Theres a simple picture of my favourite ever changing fad, painted nails. Dare to wear yellow. The sweet colour will make you smile on the darkest of days.
montana @~`~