I Wish I Was as Pretty as Betty Draper

For my fashion design project I made this sweet little jumper, which I am extremely proud of.

It need to be made out of 4 different previously owned materials. We then were given a decade, I got 1950s, which was aaaamazing. By far one of my very favourite decades. It was just so clean and proper. I took a dress played around with it to create this garment. Another exciting thing about this project, my mom bought me a sewing machine! Today I learnt how to use it while sewing this.

As you can see, I had my inspirations, Betty and Marylin (yes we are on first name basis). Because of my recent obsession with Mad Men and am now torn between the two beauties. The picture of Marilyn above was my exact inspiration while the idea of Betty stayed in my mind.

Keep up the creativity

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