Arm Candy, Last Months Trend

Roma et Paris 1778Roma et Paris 1780 Roma et Paris 1781 Roma et Paris 1931

Dress, Atmosphere – Shirt, James Perse – Jacket, vintage – Ring, Topshop – Arm candy from everywhere

This was my first day touring in Rome. We did so much in one day my brain was flooded with amazing knowledge of art, history and religion. I was so excited to wear a little summer dress! I didn’t like the neckline very much so I layered with this breezy James Perse shirt. Also I decided to hop onto the bandwagon of arm candy… I found a few bracelets in a small store that were all very pretty so I couldn’t resist. I like the look of a full arm of sparkly things adds a little excitement to a boring outfit. And that ring.. I am absolutely obsessed with that ring. I love its colour, too perfect. Oh and my duck face in the second picture, im so veery very preeeetty. :D



Roma et Paree

Roma et Paris 1763Roma et Paris 1810 Roma et Paris 1874 Roma et Paris 1918 Roma et Paris 1985 Roma et Paris 2082 Roma et Paris 2126 Roma et Paris 2145 Roma et Paris 2168 Roma et Paris 2242 Roma et Paris 2266

Interesting theme here.. can you see it?

FOOD, EVERYWHERE. I am pretty sure between formal dress shopping and sight seeing I ate more food then a hungry teenaged boy after hockey practice. I had the most amazing trip, the most beautiful weather and the most scrumptious food.

So I must apologize for my serious MIA disappearance act thing, I got super busy then super lazy right after one another. I know have a bunch of exciting things lined up for the next little while. Hopefully you have enjoyed this photo journal! Missed this blogging thing, you start to get attached to the routine of it all!



I Apologize in Advance…

IMG_0961 IMG_0966 IMG_0971

… For the fact that you will see this purse in about 102849375 outfit posts. It is my new love of my life – relatively speaking. If you remember (which you probably don’t, but that’s okay:) this old bag post in which I really wanted a new purse, well that was in September! Some how I was never able to purchase any of the purses I came across. Funny enough it is the same colour as that Miu Miu bag. This baby is from Aldo and on sale, $45!! It came in black as well but I loved this creamy gray, my hope is that it will transition with me into the long awaited arrival of spring. Also more deals of the day – those pink tassels earrings were $3 at H&M. I found a row of them stashed away in the corner. They are definitely cheap and cheerful, but I needed to hop on the bandwagon of this tassel trend without spending $$$$. And the yummy gray shirt is from Costa Blanca, one of my favourites for random cheap shirts and skirts for going out.

That was my first time shopping in a long while now where I actually came back successful. Sometimes Toronto can be a real bore when it comes to finding interesting and unique pieces. Next stop – Value Village. I need my thrift shopping fix!



Fashion + Food = ….

Yum yum yum… who knew if you add vegan food with some pretty girls you get a fashion blog. I don’t know about you but I developed a serious fashion crush on many of these girl… AND it made me want to eat healthy. Boy do I love you lookbookcookbook!

Side note: thank you for all the sweet comments and support I have been receiving lately! This blog has been a long time in the processes so it feel so good to be actually recognized… for whatever it is! I hope to keep developing this site because it works like an amazing journal of my life – I hope that it isn’t too boring to read!