In the Night Sky

How hipster of me I know.
That young man would be a very old friend of mine Josh. Our mothers were in maternity classes together and him along with another boy David were born barely 24 hours apart. Both of our moms were extremely excited to see us together again. We went to a dance then had an adventure getting to the after party... very fun.
Getting to the fashion part of this post, so there I'm wearing a sweet little vintage number. Nice and high neck, short and sparkly. It seemed prefect. I arrived at the danced and I have never felt so out numbered. Itsy-bitsy, tiny weeny things were EVERYWHERE. Butts, boobs, tummys, everything suctioned in and spilling out. The heels were higher then the damned CN tower and strappier then a criss-crossed bra. It was so insanely slutty I didnt know what to do. It was so upsetting. There were the few girls who definately pulled off some great looks, stylish, appropreate. But I couldn't help wondering, where has the class gone?
Sure it could be expensive, but that what value village is for. Sure it could be too get attention, be in the freaking school play. I don't think I will ever understand.
Never forget yourself, never ever, your all beautiful, show it in YOUR way.
In the beautiful words of Will Farrel:
Stay Classy San Diego

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