Purple Party @ MoRoCo Chocolat

Me: shirt, American Apparel - jeans, Uni Qlo - shoes, Nine West - purse, Vintage   Olivia: dress, Urban Outfitters - shoes, Minelli    Harry: jeans, Naked and Famous - sweater, Ralph Lauren - shoes, borrowed
The purple party was Saturday - the patio launch for MoRoCo! And yes it was one hundred precent necessary to wear purple from head to toe! When I bought the shirt at American Apparel I was wearing these purple jeans and the lovely sales girl gave me the idea to wear it all together. I decided I really liked the monochromatic look, it felt a little edgy, even though I was wearing lavender. It was a lovely night, with lots of purple and chocolate! There was a fun photo booth that I help find a bunch of props for - I will post some of those pictures soon. 
That is my sweet friend Livie, you've seen her before but like her style? If so check her out HERE at her awesome new blog!


Barbie Pink

I <3 this pink right now! It is sooo sweet and bright and it makes me so happy! Now that I think about it, all I have been wearing is colour. Pastel, neon, what ever it is, it has been colourful!
I wore this dress to a friend of mines prom, it was originally the dress I was going to wear to my prom (check out the post here). I got it in the Rome airport in March. It is from Pinko, which is a really fun brand but the dress didn't make me feel special. But it made me feel pretty/special on Friday! I went for the Malibu Barbie look with this fabulous yellow truck behind me. 
Thank you so much to all my new followers and all the lovely comments you have been leaving! It is so exciting that people actually read this blog, thank you again! I promise to get back to everyone soon :)
It's exam weeks, whew almost done! 


Treats and Colours

pants, Target - shirt & shoes, Topshop - necklace, Vintage
Colour, colour, colour was on my mind! I apologize once again for the gap between posting, I have just changed blog editors, which is proving to be a very difficult adjustment! This lovely day was Mother's Day! My family went to Dim Sum downtown then headed to my mom's restaurant MoRoCo Chocolat for dessert! There we "tested" the new desserts and macrons for Mother's Day - lets just say we all wobbled home! 
Hope every has been enjoy the beautiful spring weather! 
Check out MoRoCo's website here: http://www.morocochocolat.com/ 
This weekend is the PURPLE party! Stay tuned for purple outfit updates :) 


Mr. Red Jeans

IMG_2761IMG_2771IMG_2775 IMG_2757IMG_2756 IMG_2758

Me: dress, LOVE – shoes, Wilfred – jacket & purse, thrifted – ring, Topshop     Harry: shirt, Zenga – jeans, Naked and Famous – sweater, Banana Republic – shoes, Ralph Lauren

We went on a sweet date – it was sweet! :) He is wearing red jeans from a Canadian brand Naked and Famous. First of all, I love the red pants on boys thing, super cool. Second, this brand is SICK! Check them out here: Naked and Famous

Hope everyone had a lovely Mothers Day or Sunday!




Oh Prom! It has got to be the most prefect night of your life. The perfect date, dress, shoes, hair, limo, table, dance, corsage … the list can go on much longer. And I always said and I quote, “I’m not gonna be like those silly girls who get all worked up for prom and look silly doing it!” Well I didn’t exactly turn into a prom-zilla or anything but the stars just fell in line and I had that perfect night. I was SO happy with this dress. It was one of those amazing moments similar to Cinderella where you say, if the dress fits then WEAR it!
As you can see above Harry and I coordinated our flower arrangements so we can match *cue fake awhs*. But the dress I am wearing is from a fabulous place on Queen Street called Original’s and my nude shoes are Nine West (which aren’t seen in this pictures but they rock). Harry is decked out in a navy blue Zara suit. But I have to give Carly McDougald so much credit for these beautifully hilarious picture for us! They were in-the-moment shots and I LOVE them!
Happy Prom to everyone who has either had theirs or are getting ready for their own! Because you really do deserve the perfect night!


Girly Things

Me:  blouse, Topshop – skirt, TNT Blue – boots, Browns – purse, Aldo     Oliva: dress, Topshop – shoes, Steve Madden – Coat, Sandro
Meet my friend Livie! She is super duper cute – and that includes her style! She has always been a fun, inspiring and a totally cool dresser. Every dress-down she always goes the extra mile to look a little more put together. Her key looks are rufflely skirts and shirts, and pretty dresses! I absolutely adore the heels she is wearing – they are sky-high and shiny but I was her crutch for the rest of the night. I thought I would share this cute outfit of hers, so lady-like. We had a lovely sushi-girls-dinner that night and tucked in early.
Up next? A little prom-tastic inspiration. Classic but all the cheesy pictures too :)