Photo Diaries Marrakech to the Mountains

The photos speak one hundred more words then I could ever explain about my magical time in Morocco. The light, the people, the smells, the atmosphere painted the most unbelievable scenery. It is any artists ultimate playground, inspiration is never lacking.



Wednesday's Inspiration

“Learn young, learn fair; learn old, learn more.”
"Never marry for money. Ye'll borrow it cheaper"
- Scottish Proverbs
"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller
- M


Katy meets Vampire meets Edward meets…

This are my silly, cool and outrageously gorgeous uni friends! We had a fun night dancing up a storm together. But I really have to admit my absolute favourite part of Halloween is the part where we get ready! I spent forever on my costume, piecing it together. I actually ended up sewing that cupcake bra… it took quite a few attempts until I got it right. On the night of, we spent far too long painting each others faces - but I have to say, everyone looked fabulous! 
How was your Halloween? What did you go as? 
- M xx