Toned Tanned Fit



“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book.”  - Irish Proverb

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” – Marilyn Monroe

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde

My prom dress is extremely tiny and tight… In an effort to feel my best for prom I have been working my butt off to stay healthy. I have been on the very popular gluten free diet, mostly because it helps clear my skin. I also have committed to working out and staying in better shape. Oh winter must you always follow me? The beautiful pictures above are a collection of things that are making me crave summer like crazy. A few are from Beyonce’s tumblr, which I am in LOVE with. All the pictures are sourced to the original owner :).



Tacky Tassels

skirt, Express – tube top & earrings, H&M – sweater, Mendocino – shoes, Topshop
My friend had her lovely 18th birthday last week and had a gorgeous white party (cause of the very monochromatic outfit). The outfit that was planned in advanced fell a little to the wayside because of the weather. I originally was going to wear a blazer with that skirt/dress but last minute I found this huge comfy sweater and couldn’t resist!! I decided that I really, really needed to wear these $3 earrings and so I made it happen. Although they didn’t follow dress code, nobody complained. Hilariously enough, many people reached out and started playing with them. Also, please excuse the insanely frizzy hair, I seriously need to invest in some hairspray!



sweater & shoes, Topshop – jeans, Uniqlo – bag, Aldo – sunglasses, Raybans
This outfit was the first thing I have worn since being home that makes me feel like it is actually spring! The jeans are amazing,  I love their colour and rise. It was one of those outfits that just sorta fell together, it made me feel good and comfortable!
The weather has since turned, so I will be holed up in my bed this Sunday! Hope everyone had a great weekend.



Okay so admit it you all watched Laguna Beach once or twice in your lifetime. And when you saw all the extravagant “promposals” your heart melted. Since those cute episodes the whole idea of being asked out to prom has changed. Lovely enough that is how my boyfriend and I got together – lets just say it was both embarrassing and amusing. So in conclusion, he kept with the tradition and decided to cheer me up after getting my wisdom teeth removed on Friday. The pictures above display my bedside table full of survival necessities cream, flowers, pain meds, books etc. Lets just say a bowl of jello is exactly what I needed!
More outfit posts once I recover – promise!!


How do you Define your Style?




With the extra days off last Easter weekend I decided to finally take a stab at my over-flowing closet. Basically after living in two separate houses this was the result of everything coming together without much organization. My mom and I try to do this bi-yearly and it is a really refreshing experience. Normally we have about 5-10 people look through it before we give the rest to a woman’s shelter or Goodwill. I wish I saw this post at Shawn’s Serpentine Streets before my clean out because these are the rules that should be followed! Surprisingly I followed them as best I could and gave away some things that I was hanging on to for too long. Anyhow as I was cleaning I kept asking my self the same question – What in the WORLD is my style?
You know on all those websites like Lookbook.nu or Chictopia.com where they pose you the question: define your style. I am always, ALWAYS stumped. I have clothes from designers, thrift stores (especially value village), highstreet brands, vintage shops, my mothers closet etc. They seem to all blend together in my closet. I love polka dots, stripes, flower prints, preppy, edgy, feminine and so many more styles. I know that it is not necessary to define a persons style in one sentence but sometimes it would be a whole lot easier. Shopping wouldn’t be so frustrating (or expensive) and I could go about picking outfits with a bit more ease. Most days I rely on my mood and the weather.
But now I ask you readers, what do you think my style is? Is there any point trying to define it? How do you define your style?


Food Porn

Not exactly x-rated but I hope that it made your mouth water. I have had the most amazing month of food. Paris + Rome + Easter + Birthdays = the most calories, fat and sugar you could ever imagine. And the best part – I don’t regret it. Yes my jeans are fitting a little snug and I am currently on a little bit of a health kick (no wheat and minimal dairy) but I could never take it all back. How can you not gracefully tear off every last piece of a croissant or squeeze numerous lemons onto fried calamari or gulp down a salted caramel crepe or nibble on the easter bunnies ears!? Everyone should have the ability to enjoy some guilty pleasures everyone and a while (or a lot). Apologies if I have tempted you all to run and eat something. If you are – enjoy every last bite/drop/crumb.
Hope everyone had a Happy Easter or Passover or Long Weekend!



shirt, Macy’s – skirt, Topshop – flats, Miu Miu(borrowed) – purse, Aldo
As I previously mentioned, this is my favourite skirt EVER. It makes me feel like a princess with a train behind me. Never have I felt so so special in a simple outfit. And of course the bejeweled flats added to my princessy-ness. I also like this cutout shirt, its colour is really fun!
Wheew, I am loving having constant posts to actually post! I hope you’re enjoying, don’t go anywhere just yet – there is still more too come!


The Prefect Angle

Roma et Paris 2183Roma et Paris 2197Roma et Paris 2198Roma et Paris 2209 Roma et Paris 2219

dress, Value Village – belt, Target – sweater, Talula – shoes, Converse – glasses, random Rome airport

As we were browsing a beautiful Parisian market we stopped to have some crepes (typical yes). While gathered around eating our delicious crepes we gazed at this stunning view of the Eiffel Tower. There are so many glorious pictures of the iron giant. There are angles and settings that are sold on post cards. But nothing beats this one. The lighting which proved to not be my friend gave me difficulties but I can still see it in my mind. The apartments, the angle, everything was perfect!

As for the outfit, that dress was ten dollars at Value Village and has already got it money’s worth. It is the most awfully shaped dress eveeer but with a belt it sorta pulls itself together. It was just a simple outfit to do some biking and market shopping in!



Pink Power

jeans, Macy’s – shirt, Target – blazer, Express – ring, Topshop – shoes, Converse
Before leaving Rome I was desperate to have some gelato, but it was just my luck that there wasn't one store open at 2 in the afternoon! We were told that this was "off season" or in other words cold, for Rome. But being tourist we pranced around in sundresses and spring wear in the 20 degree weather. And of course I had to match the gelato to my new bubble gum blazer. It has been my favourite investment this spring - it's super light so I will be able to carry it into beautiful summer nights in the city. I love it too pieces!



Roma et Paris 2004Roma et Paris 2013

top, Topshop (a-line skirt) – jeans, Urban Outfitters – necklace, Lavin – shoes, Topshop – purse, Aldo

I apologize for the weird not very attractive picture, but it showcases the outfit, sorta. Mostly I was excited to finally get to wear my a-line skirt but I wore it as a shirt. It was cool especially in Rome, it felt right, like many of the women. They wore a lot of draping fabrics and bold accessories. Even as a shirt it made me feel like a princess!