Indian Summer

skirt, Zara - shirt, Free People - boots, B2 - bag, Luella 
This may be super surprising to hear but almost that entire outfit is property of my mothers… I just styled it myself! I fell in love with this bag the moment I found it at the back of my moms closet, the back!!! The scalloped detailing is so pretty!
Cool story about the boots: they used to be around 6 inches taller. I bought them about 5 years ago and wore them out a bunch but I decided I wanted a pair of booties now instead! I am happy with my little DIY..
I am sorry for the absence of posts, I will be getting back to all of your sweet comments asap!  


Probably Enough with the Neon

dress, Target - necklace, H&M - shoes & bag, Aldo - blazer, Topshop
K so this is a silly collection of photos. I knew I would want to blog about the outfit but we had a busy day planned so I put off taking the pictures. Stupidly these were taken when I was sweaty, gross and yucky feeling after a plate of poutine big enough to feed a small family. 
As you can see I am also playing peekaboo with my shoes, which was silly cause they are my favourite part of the outfit. They were 15$ and originally 50$ from Aldo.. sweet deals! 
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Thanks bye!



skirt, Factory Outlet - top, Express
For my special night out I swapped my flowy white blouse for a light pink strapless top. Another one of those pieces I haven't had a chance to wear since buying it, but it was so pretty I couldn't give it up. 
I am aware that these pictures are on the artsy side so you can't really see this pretty top.. 
Well, sometimes that happens when you are trying to be cool and stuff… 
Cool forever, yours truly, 


Following the Trend

skirt and shirt, random factory outlet - bra, The Gap - blazer, Topshop - shoes, Barnardo - bag, Aldo - sunnies, Thirfted
I fell in love with pleats about four year ago now.
There is this skirt (that I still have and have worn in several posts) that my mom bought for me about six years ago that I didn't wear for a few years then finally I realized I loved it and I couldn't take it off! (run on sentence much??) Once I found the beauty in that skirt I couldn't stop obsessing over pleats. I bought the bright yellow one from the post below a few years ago. I started obsessing over the long pleated ones from designers with price tags I could only dream of matching! Finally this blue one just sort of fell into my hands. 
I don't necessarily love trends, if I like them, I wear them, that is about it! This outfit was so comfy for a rainy day around Montreal. I love the peekaboo blouse, with my new tropical bra! So much fun!
Thank you to Harry who took all these lovely pictures! 


Photo Diary: Montreal

A collection of pretty photos, nothing crazy, just a bit of inspiration. The buildings in old Montreal were beautiful, it was like stepping from a normal Canadian city into Paris. Gorgeous, beautiful and fun. That was my trip in three words! 


Life of the Party

Basically I had the perfect day for my birthday, it was sweet and simple and I was very surprised! Those are the pretty girls that came to my BBQ party and the lovely cake my boyfriend made!! 
I am wearing a romper from Scoop and my favourite Zara necklace. 
Happy August everyone! Scary - summer is nearly over! 
- M