Oh Prom! It has got to be the most prefect night of your life. The perfect date, dress, shoes, hair, limo, table, dance, corsage … the list can go on much longer. And I always said and I quote, “I’m not gonna be like those silly girls who get all worked up for prom and look silly doing it!” Well I didn’t exactly turn into a prom-zilla or anything but the stars just fell in line and I had that perfect night. I was SO happy with this dress. It was one of those amazing moments similar to Cinderella where you say, if the dress fits then WEAR it!
As you can see above Harry and I coordinated our flower arrangements so we can match *cue fake awhs*. But the dress I am wearing is from a fabulous place on Queen Street called Original’s and my nude shoes are Nine West (which aren’t seen in this pictures but they rock). Harry is decked out in a navy blue Zara suit. But I have to give Carly McDougald so much credit for these beautifully hilarious picture for us! They were in-the-moment shots and I LOVE them!
Happy Prom to everyone who has either had theirs or are getting ready for their own! Because you really do deserve the perfect night!


  1. Awww (not fake ones either haha), girl these photos captured you two perfectly!
    And you just look drop dead gorgeous. Omg, that dress on you? Absolutely killer. Haha, you look stunning!

    Trendy Teal

  2. With a dress like that, you need a red carpet, hahah! :) You are GORGEOUS and the dress is perfect :) xx

  3. you look stunning! congratulations on graduating this year :) if i could redo prom, i would definitely choose a dress like this!! xx



  4. wow you're so chic!



  5. What Nine West shoes did you wear? We'd love to see!

  6. Hey Bryanna! I just posted another look that included them in this post: http://daretodreamfashion.blogspot.ca/2012/05/purple-party-moroco-chocolat.html

  7. oh my god - you look like a goddess <3 Seriously - so beautiful - I am speechless. :)

    Oh and thanks for such a lovely comment - I really appreciate it. Hope to hear from you soon :)



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