Autumn Sun

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leggings, Topshop ; blouse and earrings, H&M ; boots, B2 Browns ; purse, Zadig et Voltaire ; jacket, Flea market

Simple transitions. Falls easiest of easy looks.

Still desperately seeking a bag. Not much has changed.

Fall/Winter shopping neeeeds to happen!



Day ‘N’ Night

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Me – leggings, BCBG ; tank top, Topshop ; boots, Selfridges ; jacket, vintage ; sweater, Talula ; purse, Mark Jacob

Harry – jeans, Nudie Brand Jeans ; hoodie, Wings & Horns ; sweater, Hugo Boss ; flannel, Ralph Lauren ; shoes, Aldo ; hat, New Era

After much delay and frustration we finally got to the Kid Cudi concert. It was soso much fun. What we wore was extremely important, photographs were necessary! It was only the beginning of September but it was freezzzing!

I was all excited to pull out my leather jacket and boots for the occasion. I truly love fall fashion everything from boots and scarves to dark denim and cords! Layering makes the most amazing outfits. I had been trying to wear that starry eyed tank top all summer without success, so it was fun to finally wear it. It was the perfect concert outfit and kept me warm all night!

Harry is rocking enough layers to keep cosy as well! He basically backs up what I just said about layering. Have fun with it, different textures, styles and colours can look awesome.



Rise Up

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dress (worn as skirt), Topshop ; tank top, Tatiana Tera ; purse, Prada ; shoes, Bernardo ;  jewellery , all vintage 

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of events in Toronto. The Toronto International Film festive was in town. The city becomes insanely busy and fun during these weeks. I got the chance to be involved in a few ways. My sister was on the board for an event for Paul Haggis’s charity called Artists for Peace and Justice. (Check it out HERE) I got to meet him – which was veryyy cool – and the members of Arcade Fire who performed along side Eddie Vedder (who I fell in love with, I cannot stop listening to Rise) This outfit was the perfect transition between summer and fall. I love the maxi dress/skirt, especially this one. I found the dress more flattering as a skirt, I was extremely excited to wear before the end of summer!

The festival has been fun, got to see a movie and work in Holts with MoRoCo. I am extremely excited for the transition into my fall wardrobe! Well not exactly the weather but jackets and boots galore! 



The Tribe

This was a great photoshoot I did a few weeks ago for my friend Erin who goes to St. Andrews. She styled and directed it, the rest of the credits are on the site. The magazine is called The Tribe. Check it out the whole shoot here:


More posts to come when I get my computer back!



Back 2 School

freckle-face:<br /><br />(by Rachel Dowda)California 189UK 1827
Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.  ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country. - Kurt Vonnegut

I can't tell you what I learned from school but I could tell you a story or two, um. Yeah, of course I learned some rules. - Asher Roth

I will be putting my khaki skirt back on starting Tuesday morning. Some word of wisdom before I embark on the year ahead.

Good Luck Grads of 2012 - this is gonna be fun!

(Credit pictures click on them - http://23marbles.tumblr.com/ - two are mine {photocred to ali abbott, you rock})



Lotsa Baggage


Practical and perfect – cozy enough for fall to lead into winter!

Effortless, multi-use, classic black bag .. How do I not already have one!?!


K, nevermind the sexy hot pink platforms, that snakeskin screams sexy! I think I have a new fall crush, snakeskin is back.

Family Baggage! Everyone is sporting a cute bag!

Okay maybe miu miu is a little out of price range … but how soft does that leather look? A yummy look for fall.

Best Friend

I love coloured bags and they can totally work for fall, the issue is making sure they look right, sometimes they look a little cheap.

I have one a few of those fury things and they are the perfect accessory for an accessory.  That bag is also beautiful!


I am on the hunt for a new fall bag/purse. I want something that is versatile and timeless. I have been cruising my favourite blogs (which are all given credit too - click on the pictures please) to find some inspiration. Brown, Black, Snake Skin and Colour is what I have narrowed it down too … not exactly a small list.

I cannot wait to get to the stores, fall fashion here I come.