Dinosaurs, Animals, Cannibals and Tik Toks

IMG_5940IMG_5941 IMG_5953 IMG_5966 IMG_5970 IMG_5972 IMG_5982 IMG_5983 IMG_5984 IMG_5986 IMG_5992 IMG_6000 IMG_6021

Me – Jacket, Material Girl for Macy’s; top, Topshop; shorts, Levi’s; shoes, Browns; Feather in my hair, Macy’s  

   Sophie – shirt, Primark; shorts, Topshop

We pulled out all the stops for Ke$ha. Glitter, feathers, shortshorts, dirty hair, glitter, feathers, ripped clothing, more glitter. Basically I had the most fun that I could when it came to glitter! I don’t wear a ton of make up day to day. I like to have a chance to go all out and have some fun. Deep purples and lavenders rarely grace my face but it felt necessary for a night like this. Don’t forget the clashing pink lipstick to top it all off. The term “the more the merrier” definitely came into play for our outfits. I literally pulled out everything in my closet from the list above and put it on my body. Sometimes it is okay to make everything clash. May I repeat – SOMETIMES.

When else can you have this much fun?

Oh and the concert – it was awesome.


Ps. just kidding about the 100th post.. 2 more and we are good :S


Car Modelling 101

IMG_5912IMG_5913IMG_5914IMG_5915 dress, American Rag; sweater, Target; purse, Zadig et Voltaire; shoe, Bernardo

Ha, sooo my mom (featured photographer) and I got creative… her blue car seemed like the perfect modelling background. So we dolled it up in front of the sweet ride. And no, I am not really a car model and I am not going to teach how to car model. But that would be a sick job…

Another reaally really comfortable outfit! This dress is so cozy, something that I will be able to wear for many seasons! The sweater was on sale at target, it was such a steal! All together this was an easy outfit for a lazy Sunday Brunch. I needed to gear up for the night ahead of me… more pictures to come!



Nuts & Bolts

Cottages_Cities 389Cottages_Cities 394Cottages_Cities 408Cottages_Cities 418Cottages_Cities 435 Cottages_Cities 440 Cottages_Cities 475

Me - cargo pants, Saks Fifth Avenue; shirt and bag, Topshop; heels, Aldo; necklace, unknown    Harry – shirt, Zara; jeans, Nudie Jeans Co.

My mom threw an amazing surprise birthday party for her boyfriend. It was fun to get all dressed up and go down town. This was one of the most comfortable outfits I have ever worn! Both pieces were loose and free but made me feel completely glamorous. I think it is important to feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing, that way you feel like you are at your best all night. Sometimes you get as lucky as this and feel like you are wearing your PJs out of the house – I kid you not this was that comfortable!

Go out and get comfy, but not tooo comfy!



Red, White and Blue

Cottages_Cities 373Cottages_Cities 375 Cottages_Cities 376Cottages_Cities 378 Cottages_Cities 380

jacket and dress, Vintage; boatshoes, Office; bag, Urban Outfitters

Vintage outfits are always fun. This dress is prefect for a hot summer day. I found this jean jacket at the back of my moms closet so I absolutely needed to incorporate it in to an outfit. It ended up being a long day at the office – I spent several hours package chocolate! It was a fun day and this was a fun outfit!



Back in to Reality

Cottages_Cities 358Cottages_Cities 363 Cottages_Cities 365Cottages_Cities 366 tanktop, Vintage; shorts, Scrubbie’s; cardigan, Topshop; flats, Office

This was my first night dressing up since I had gotten back. As material as it sounds – I really missed some of my clothes!! I ended up just going out to a casual party, but hey it was still fun! High-waisted shorts are the best thing for summer. They can completely make an outfit. I got these baby’s for $10 at the Blackmarket! Such a good deal.


Cottage Folk

Cottages_Cities 007Cottages_Cities 024 Cottages_Cities 076 Cottages_Cities 189Cottages_Cities 202 Cottages_Cities 205 Cottages_Cities 211 Cottages_Cities 295 Cottages_Cities 324 Cottages_Cities 334 Cottages_Cities 306

A whirlwind of a week. Sunrise to sunset I am enjoying Canadian summer to the fullest.

Get out and enjoy the sunshine :)




Kenya 041Kenya 169Kenya 207Kenya 224 Kenya 258Kenya 281 Kenya 355 Kenya 367 Kenya 439 Kenya 450 Kenya 491 Kenya 571 Kenya 579 Kenya 664Kenya 673 Kenya 707 Kenya 716 Kenya 833 Kenya 871 Kenya 912

Translation of title: How are you? Normally responded with Nzuri or Nzuri Sana! Good or very good. After that is how it goes while you are in Kenya. Its simple as can be. What an experience! I do not know how to describe it in any more words. The pictures do illustrate our time there in pretty good detail. Obviously there are personal stories and issues to be told, but those are for later.

For now, oh how I missed blogging! It has been a long month without any posts but I am getting back into the swing of things. I have started to change formatting again, something fresh for fall! I also will promise way more outfit and inspiration posts.

I hope everyone’s summer has been amazing! Outfit posts are on their way!