Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

This summer my family put on a huge summer blowout. The whole thing is super exciting! We have so many summer babies in our family that it was decided that we celebrate them all (including my own hehe). More specifically we celebrated my oldest brothers milestone birthday.

Not only is the amazing night of fun and costume exciting and wonderful but the whole process is. We start with the planning. Everything is planned down to the type of cocktail napkin. Not only that but the costumes. This summers was a Japanese theme (hence the title). People were dressed in everything! From Kimonos (My friend Emma and I below) to sumo wrestlers to harajuku girls. It was such a fun theme for everyone to take part in. It was an eclectic sight of beauty with all within the different colours throughout the crowd.
What I wore was this awesome little kimono my mom bought me when I was younger and these clog-sandal mix heel. We are both wearing the classically tied obi. I had these crazy eyelashes on, they had tiny little pearl things on the end, very cool.

A few images to give you a taste of the atmosphere...

Happy Fall!


My Turn to Decide

After all the worry and boredom last year, I feel new and rejuvenated. I feel independent and stronger then ever before. I am pursuing the dreams I have always had and figuring them out for myself!

I have confirmed my internship at Sweetspot.ca (which everyone should check out ;) and today I had a meeting with the head of volunteers at FDCC...

Yes you heard me right, Fashion Design Council of Canada, the company that started ALL of the fashion the Canada gets. Anywho, I am going to be helping out there after school!

Here was my first experience at Fashion Week in Grade 9, it was AMAZING, sat front row and was truly inspired.

Fortune favors the prepared mind.
-Louis Pasteur-