^Up, Up & Away

On beautiful Easter Weekend my mother and I decided that we would take a trip to handsome New York City. We shopped and enjoyed the sunshine.
And yes key word, shopped. The finds were amazing, especially from Topshop! What an amazing store. My personal favourite find were the high waisted army pants from Topshop. They are super, super cute.
I am still on the hunt for a cute pair of heels for my amazing summer abroad. Preferably that stylish beige everything seems to be and summer-y to go with all the new dresses I bought.
Also the week before that was Toronto Fashion Week. I got to break out all the cool outfits that I can’t wear to school. The party and people were so uninspiring for a fashion show it was somewhat disappointing. I still made the best of it.

^^Here are a bunch of pictures of my adventures, have fun!

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