Ancient Ruins

Ever had a pair of shoes that you absolutely love? How about a pair of chucks? 
These were my babies. I wore them for the last four years of high school none stop, they braved the worst winter storms and even a few falls in the lake. My mom finally convinced me to start a new era, an era where in four years time I will probably be going through the same dilemma. The thing is, they are still great and I probably won't get rid of them. They are the perfect roughed up shoe, that will make any outfit look a little rock and roll. 
 I love the contrast in these photos, there colour difference seems to mean so much more then just two opposite shoes. Old and new, young and old. Very beautiful in it's own quirky way. 
Yesterday was my birthday! I will be MIA from the blog for a few more days while I go a fun birthday trip this coming week. More pictures from my special day coming soon :) 


Bug Eyes

shirt, Winners - skirt, Topshop - necklace, Target - purse, Aldo - shoes, Banardo - sunglasses, Thrifted
Let me properly introduce you to my favourite new sunnies, I called them the "Lana Look". They somehow cover your face in this elegant style that is also a little more laid-back then the usual "diva" look. These babies were only $6.54 with tax, yes you heard me right, under 10 dollars for a good looking pair of sunglasses. Yes they aren't exactly great from shielding your eyes from the sun but hey, I love the way they look! 
So thank you Ms. Del-Ray for not only producing sweet music but also creating many fashion trends as well. (see: flower head band craze) 


Show Tune Colours

pants, Target - shirt, Zara Basic - shoes, Nine West - purse & necklace, H&M - glasses, thrift - bracelets, gifted
K alright I am sorry for the excess of photos but my mom and I had some fun taking them! That's my awesome and gorgeous Mum and I with the crazy stormy sky behind us, it was so beautiful! I am also sorry about how much I am about to gush about the outfit I am wearing…. 
Basically this is now my go-to summer outfit. Not only is it comfortable with what ever mother nature throws at me but its versatile. I feel grown up and mature and fun all in the same time! That necklace is my favourite investment for this season, it forced me to experiment more with colour considering I enjoy the beige colour schemes most of the time. It was fun, bright and made me feel happy as can be! 
Hope everyone had a happy and lovely weekend! 


Needs Something Else

sweater, Macy's - skirt, Zara - purse, H&M - shoes, Topshop
You know those moments where you cannot quite put a finger on the final touch of an outfit? This was one of those moments, I felt like there was a finishing piece missing. Overall, I love love this skirt so much, since I got it a few years ago. It is so flattering because it synchs in the waist and the second layer gives me an allusion of hips! 
Clothes, clothes, clothes. Boy do we have an obsession with such a meaningless consumer item!
- M 


Sunsets and Cornfields

IMG 0603

IMG 0667
IMG 0653

IMG 0697

IMG 0672

IMG 0730

IMG 0737

IMG 0751

IMG 0768


“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” - Henry Ford

 "Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." - Sam Keen

A life without love is like a year without summer.  - Swedish Proverb

Enjoy your Canadian summer to the fullest. xox




A Day at the Works

top, American Apparel - skirt, (which is actually a dress) Kimchi Blue - purse, Aldo - shoes, Barnardo 
There is a beautiful abandoned brick factory in the outskirts of Toronto that I have always loved going to as a kid. In the last five years a committee worked to clean it up and really create a community. I have been eager to check out the Saturday Farmers Market for a while now so I went a few weekends ago with my Grandma. It was a lovely morning munching on fresh strawberries and wandering beside the pond. This airy outfit was pretty crucial because it was smoking that day. I ended transforming one of my favourite casual maxi dress into a skirt!
Hope everyone is enjoy their summers! :) 



skirt, H&M - top, American Eagle - purse, Aldo - shoes, Banana Republic 
Basically, the pretty girl in the middle Katie has left Canada for good and to celebrate (well in more appropriate terms say goodbye/we will miss you) we had a lovely potluck lunch! I really love that picture of us, we look so silly! That day was the hottest day I have endured in Toronto yet. The humidity almost killed us all but we managed to still look somewhat put together and pretty. 
I love this skirt, it has become my favourite traveling skirt because it is so easy to wear with anything! Hope everyone is enjoy their summer!