Katy meets Vampire meets Edward meets…

This are my silly, cool and outrageously gorgeous uni friends! We had a fun night dancing up a storm together. But I really have to admit my absolute favourite part of Halloween is the part where we get ready! I spent forever on my costume, piecing it together. I actually ended up sewing that cupcake bra… it took quite a few attempts until I got it right. On the night of, we spent far too long painting each others faces - but I have to say, everyone looked fabulous! 
How was your Halloween? What did you go as? 
- M xx


Across the Border

Harper's Bazar UK November 2012, Model: Carola Remer by Ben Weller
This editorial is so beautiful and inspiring... especially because I  have been pretending I could look this effortlessly chic and gorgeous in the cold, rainy and windy Scottish weather. I absolutely love the long, dramatic coats that basically make up an entire simple outfit. Wool has to be everyones best friend in this half of the world, it has this amazing way of keeping you warm, day in and day out!!!  Another amazing thing about this spread, are the boyish figures that are present within the styling. I find it is very, very hard to pull off this look, there is a certain body type and face structure that just makes it work. 
This will hopefully be enough inspiration to get me through the next few months. I'm running out of jumpers… I may need to make a trip to Primark and Topshop soon (yes be very jealous North American followers/readers, I've got it good!!)
- M xx


Faded Blush

dress, Zara - cardigan & purse, Topshop - boots, Browns - bracelets, thrift store
Okay! Very last summer post - I shouldn't be posting it since it is literally November now.. But hey, it's cool, I am just wishing about wearing such outfits! 
Funny enough - this dress is perfect for winter as well.. just add some tights and a thicker jumper and it is ready for action. 
Edinburgh has been lovely - super busy weekend, slowly starting week. Happy November everyone!
- M