Sea Blue, Sea Green

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UK 1986UK 1992  dress, sweater and purse, Topshop; pearls, vintage; tights, Hue; boots, Brown’s

Very, very fun night out with my mom! She took the photo’s too.. which was somewhat embarrassing. The dress and sweater I just bought that day. I have not taken off the sweater – it is SO cool. I love when I fall in love with clothing. It is so fun!  This look was what I would like to call, very London.

And yes I am now back at school.. blah. Things are already piling up. It’s almost crunch time – I can smell it. The snow is finally melting its way off the streets. The sun is out and I am feeling a little brighter.

Also – this week is Toronto Fashion Week. My friend Christian is taking me on Thursday night to see some shows! Oh so very excited. It’s not the best but it is pretty damn cool!

Happy Spring!!

- M


Just Touched Down

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    My mum and I did an amazing trip to Edinburgh, St. Andrew’s and London last week. It was absolutely amazing! Above was a photo recap on the trip and some of the awesome things we did. Scotland was a beautiful country, mind you it was a little wet but nothing we couldn’t handle. I looked at both the schools, they were fantastic! It was so exciting to see a prospective school of the future. I’m a little too excited to get out of high school right now.

The style over there is endless. Everyone looks put together and chic no matter the weather. Their umbrellas match their stilettos! It was inspiring. I also spent enough time (and money) in Topshop. Literally could die and go to heaven in that shop.

- M 


Printed and Pressed




Photo cred: Anna Lailey

If you can’t tell I am REALLY proud of this dress! I made it from scratch. We started with the print, mine was super glam-rock. It’s got a few of my favourite quotes, Marilyn’s face, zebra and leopard print. Then we chose a fabric – obviously I went for a crushed velvet. We copied the pattern from a book and modified it. The was supposed to have another shoulder, this was way more glamorous. We silkscreen our print on the fabric. Then it’s the fun part, cut, sew, cut, sew, seamrip, sew, sew! Oh and add that weirdo shoulder pad/fringe for some fun!

I am really happy with the outcome of this dress! I think I am going to shorten it and wear it for real!


Long Walk To Never

California 1574

California 1586

California 1602

Me, Meeche, Jane, ChloChlo
Burnt Lady Lou’s!

That is all for Cali! I am lovin’ this new stuff. Pimpin’ out my blog. Scroll down and follow me on Bloglovin’.


- M

Bloggin' Lovin'

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You’ll Be Out of Ideas Pretty Soon

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California 1270

California 1302

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California 1467

leggings/loose knit sweater, borrowed; vest, Topshop; boots, Steve Madden

Outfit Number Two! We got super creative with this look. I absolutely love this outfit too. It was so cozy and effortless. Prefect for early spring – for the exception of the foot of snow outside right now. I have had enough! Come out, come out where ever you are spring.

- M

PS. Bigger pictures! Finally! I am using a new program called Windows Live Writer, so much easier. I am still playing with some of the formatting, but so far so good.


Blogger Uniform


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California 1047

California 1057

California 1072

California 1145 

California 1121

California 1187

California 1200

black headband, American Apparel; blouse, H&M; shorts, Levi’s; vest, Topshop; boot, Aldo

We woke up this morning to the most beautiful sunrise. We took the day to enjoy the sunshine. We then made a few cute outfits for this blog and lookbook. Jane’s house looked over the ocean and had this picture perfect field. My outfit makes me laugh, tights, shorts and cream blouse – the blogger uniform. I find that I never have time to photograph my outfits. It was such an awesome opportunity.



Those are my new levi's ripped highwaist shorts, they're amazing! I am dreaming of this California Sun!

Broke my new years rule! I just got back from another amazing trip BUT I still need to catch up on my old outfit pictures.

With this lovelyyy three weeks off hopefully I will get it all out there. Blogger is sometimes a real jerk to work with. I am still working out some of my issues.