Youth is Like Diamonds in the Sun

Alexander McQueen: Dies at 40, February 11, 2010

An inspiration to all. There is nothing like his beautiful headpieces and insane geometric gowns he constantly pushed down the runways. I know that he always inspired me to dream big. At the age of 40 he mad a name for himself and influenced many people in fashion industry.

My sympathies go out to his family and friends. May he never be forgotten, but I doubt he will his fashion house will continue to create things are imaginations has gone to yet.


Don't Say the V word

source: http://bleubirdvintage.typepad.com/

and also my favourite blog of all time.

That’s right people its that time of year, rose are red and violets make me wanna puke but hey lets rename it. For all of you out there with no love like whatsoever who are so looking forward to this upcoming weekend let me say this:
You are all beautiful, and do not need a man or a woman to make you the happiest. Focus on the other stuff, you know your friends or family or work or school.. I mean the things that make you happiest. One day, some day we will all have a chance a love, for now, LOVE YOURSELF

Lots of love~'>>*