She's Forty and So Hot

Lions, Tigers and Cheetah's... Oh and don't forget the Bling
Happy Belated Birthday Mom!


Words to Dream By

While procrastinating homework I came across these...

It's about style not fashion. Fashions come and go but style last forever.

kid you'll move mountains. today is your day. your mountain is waiting. so... get on your way. - Dr. Seuss

No gold digging here... I take diamonds.- Mae West

Some classics, and some new ones. Keep Dreamin'


Newspaper Nerd

Soo.. to become more involved in school I decided to join a few clubs. I love to write so the Newspaper seemed like a great idea. There's only about 7 people on it all together but hey it a lot of fun to write and have it PUBLISHED.
This terms issue is all about the DECADE and I get to write my very first FASHION article. My opinions of the fashion of the decade published. So exciting.
The top ones on my list?
Skinny Jeans, boys and girls


Twenty Freakin' Ten

Happy New Year... all of my 3 followers.

Here's my very cough* classy new years outfit. The dress was from years ago and I finally got to wear it. Of course there's the infamous fur vest, just to add to the coziness.