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Love is shown by deeds, not words. – Philippine Proverb

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Profesh Pictures

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These were done by the lovely Arash! I thought I would share these too. He took some amazing pictures throughout the night, that is for sure!

Isn’t the last one super fashion blogger-y? A lil’ behind the scenes!



Trusty Levi’s

IMG_3846IMG_3859 IMG_3849 IMG_3861

Shorts, Furst of a Kind Levi’s; Bra top, Arie American Eagle

Hiya summer, how is it going? I am completely finished and to celebrate I am wearing as many short shorts as possible. I am absolutely in love with these shorts. They are the perfect outfit. So easy to slip on with a simple top and look good.

Summer lovin’ for sure!




IMG_3692IMG_3695IMG_3717IMG_3700IMG_3724IMG_3732 IMG_3735 IMG_3736

Tank top, Rebecca Taylor; shorts, Topshop; blazer, Value Village; shoes, Winners

So yes I wimped out! This outfit felt a little more refined and sophisticated at an older people party. It was a fun night, good atmosphere and lotsa purple.




mylife 049mylife 079mylife 075mylife 070mylife 085mylife 061 mylife 064 mylife 065 Big Sky Montana Licence Plate Purse

Its my name sake on a purse. My parents brought it back from a ski trip when I was younger and I thought it was sooo ugly. I recently realised that its so hipster it hurts. I love every unique part of it – and it says my name. You know those silly gimmicky things that have peoples names on them like Sarah, Rachel, John, Bill etc. well trust me when I say, my name is NEVER there. As a child, this was upsetting to me. This purse sorta makes up for that. I have already worn it several times. I have never been to Montana, I need to one day. And no, I was not named after the state, restaurant or minivan. But the prospect of going to the state is still interesting to me.

I had a lovely day outside!



On a Mission

mylife 033mylife 036

The purple party is tonight!

I am divided about this outfit. While it could be very trendy and Carrie Bradshaw like it could also me tacky and awkward. I also do not know what shoes to wear…

We shall see.



House Made of Paper


mylife 005mylife 007mylife 010 mylife 014 I forget where this dress is from… cotton-jersey, vintage scarf

Good morning Toronto! Smog and all – what a beautiful sunrise. Woke up with the sun in my eyes, it was roughly 5:30, I had to grab a picture. Exam time has forced upon selfies and uninspiring outfits. As you can see I am hiding behind my camera… unimpressed. What has been called my “sweats” dress is the most comfortable thing ever. I prefer to think of it as a roman goddess dress, its perfectly light and breezy. It is also an instant outfit.

Nothing is better then a stylish maxi.



Mr. Blue Sky

lightup 5487397001_53b912c4fetumblr_l8y45f8vnh1qdbbywo1_500 cottage 005

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.  - Robert Frost

Experience is the name everyone gives their mistakes – Oskar Wilde

When I’m good, I’m good…but when I’m bad I’m better.– Unknown


21 days until summers official beginning, 16 days left of grade eleven, 3 more exams.

I cannot wait. Outfit pictures are on their way. I will credit these pictures asap, I am just too tired now. Last one is mine.