Change is the Only Thing in Life That is Consistant


How I feel about life.

My school is changing, my house is changing, my summer is changing.

I literally don't know how to deal! It's just so frustrating. I had my heart absolutely set on my summer. It what has been getting me through the past few months. I have been setting goals, I am more involved then I have ever been and it feels like it is getting me absolutely NO where.

^Quote by my mom, she repeats it often to keep me calm. Gawwdd whatta world.



ha ya right..


"Girls Should Be Two Things: Classy and Fabulous"

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
- Coco Chanel (including title)

Why is she so insanely fabulous? I aspire to be as graceful and lovely as she is. What sparked this sudden interest? Watching the most amazing movie, Coco Avant Chanel. It was inspiring, both on the fashion part and the french part. It made me want to throw on a pair of riding chaps and boots to school the next day and speak french to everyone I know.

Audrey Tautou is also magnificent as well. She is glamour and beauty of our time. The odds that Gabrielle Chanel (her real name) defied are like none other. She reminded me that being polite doesn't always get you very far.

Remember ladies, never ever change yourself for anyone and you can do absolutely anything you put your hearts to.

Love and Glamour to all


Let Them Eat Cacao

Busy Dayzz
So yesterday, I got my very first paycheck! (Well other then the random modeling gigs from when I was younger... god knows what happened to those) I started work 3 weeks ago for my moms resturant, MoRoCo Chocolat. I serve chocolate, cash people out, make coffee etc. Today I am working again :D Sooo exciting!~
Heres the website:

Speaking about modeling^ those pictures were a campaign I did last year for the shop.
Eat (quite literally) Your Hearts Out!


It's all Make Believe, Isn't it?

We worries what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.
-Stacia Taucher

As I have been traveling lately I can't help but constantly think of the future. In the future I hope to being living abroad and experiencing the world. Toronto seems dull and uninspiring. I want to go out and be inspired and enthralled to live in such a vast world. Is that too much to ask? Some people say I need to stop wanting to grow up so fast and I should cherish my youth. Then why the hell at the same time would they tell me to set goals for the goddamn future!
Take a look at some classy outfits from Miami. Being a teenager isn’t easy, so for now I’m gonna pretend to be all grown up.


Caught Up in the in Crowd, Now Your Instyle

Magically, Wonderful, Inspiring Adventures with pretty outfits...

Mike Chalut - Very Brokeback Mountain, love his guts!
On me - Topshop, jacket: Mothers night gown slip, dress: L.A.M.B, pumps

Second Day of shopping, gorgeous cherry blossoms absolutely everywhere!
New Pants and jacket, Topshop: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Love Quotes, scarf. Gorgeous cherry blossoms in the background

Getting ready to go out for dinner but it look like I was ready for War (Sorry for the blur)
Pants again: Mom's shirt: Steve Madden, New Boots

On the way to Brunch
Vintage Besty Johnston, dress: Topshop, socks

My dream school, NYU

Read below for more info on these mix up of pictures

^Up, Up & Away

On beautiful Easter Weekend my mother and I decided that we would take a trip to handsome New York City. We shopped and enjoyed the sunshine.
And yes key word, shopped. The finds were amazing, especially from Topshop! What an amazing store. My personal favourite find were the high waisted army pants from Topshop. They are super, super cute.
I am still on the hunt for a cute pair of heels for my amazing summer abroad. Preferably that stylish beige everything seems to be and summer-y to go with all the new dresses I bought.
Also the week before that was Toronto Fashion Week. I got to break out all the cool outfits that I can’t wear to school. The party and people were so uninspiring for a fashion show it was somewhat disappointing. I still made the best of it.

^^Here are a bunch of pictures of my adventures, have fun!