Dressing Up for the Dolls

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shirt, James Pearse ; valour leggings, American Apparel ; tassel sweater, Topshop ; necklaces, Forever 21 ; boots, Browns

Have you ever spent so long deciding what to wear, that everything just looks ridiculous? Nothing matches? Everything looks stupid? Oh and you just feel crappy about the way you look? Hair isn’t right? Etc etc etc. I could go on forever, because everyone has been in this #firstworldproblem before (ya I just hashtagged on a blog, lame). Overall it just sucks. This was one of those nights where I changed a million times… I ended up wearing jeans instead of those leggings…

Moral of my story: I wish wish wish that no one would ever feel that way, it is a whole lot of stress for nothing! We should all feel comfortable and proud in anything. Yes that is mushy but in the end I wish it was true.

Ahh the days of fashion catastrophe.



  1. I get that feeling so often, & you're totally right - so much silly stress over nothing! Glad you turned it into something positive & I do love this look of yours; the tassel sweater & layered necklace are amazing!

    Also wanted to let you know I chose you for an award on my blog! :)
    <3 Shawna

  2. I love the necklaces with the fringe. So chic and cute!! I love your blog!
    Would you like to follow each other and keep in touch?
    XO, Janie

  3. You could not be more right. I have that feeling more than anything, especially when it means that we're an hour late for something because of my insecurities. What I wouldn't give to never feel that way again :)

    SO great that you found my blog and led me to yours. It's definitely rare to find other Torontonians. Hi there neighbor :):)


  4. love it!

    xxx jasmine


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