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I have been pretty stingy on the post up keep lately… apologies because it will soon change!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hunnukah and Happy New Year! Better late then never!

Above you will see the most amazing views of my vacation in the French Alps. We spent six days enjoying the snow, cheese and wine without pause. New years was enjoyed listening to outdoor music in the centre of the village and watching fireworks. This week of relaxation evoked no need of resolution or planning for the future, instead we reflected and enjoyed and ate whatever we pleased. I have upheld my one resolution from last year! I promised to post once a week, for the exception of travel and busy time, this goal was reached. I hope everyone enjoyed there winter break and had a happy new year!

What follows will be outfits from the wintery wonderland and from the continuation of my journey to London. Fashion never sleeps, even in subzero temperatures!


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  1. Beautiful photos - looks like your holiday was absolutely fabulous! Can't wait to see your outfit photos :)

    <3 Shawna


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