Kensington Market

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Me: jeans, Urban Outfitters ; flannel, Target ; fur jacket, Vintage ; headband, Topshop   Harry: jeans, Nudie ; flannel, thrifted ; sweater, Holt Renfrew

I have had quite a few questions asking if I dress up Harry in outfits and/or make him wear what I like. This is not the case! He, independent of me, enjoys wearing nice clothes and actually is a total ham for the camera. Yes this is part of the reason we get along, he does not judge me for being lame for having a blog about fashion or for taking two hours to pick just one outfit or taking odd (what I think is) artsy photographs! Anyhow – to clear it up, he’s a stylish kid on his own.

So we went on a journey to Kensington Market, which we both ended up empty handed. I love to go down to find inspiration from timeless gowns, kooky shirts, large rings and silk scarves. I saw so many things that I wanted to bring home but I decided that I didn’t need. This outfit was warm for a cold winter day – nothing is better then a flannel and jeans!


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  1. Love this! Your headband is so cute!

    xo Jennifer



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