All Starred Up


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As a “fashion blogger” I should be on trend and basically ahead of the them, amiright? No actually, I am ahead, behind and in between. As a student, who doesn’t work, I don’t have time to spend an immense amount of money and time on my wardrobe. The perusing I do on the internet leads me to find the things I like, don’t like and down right LOVE. Most of the time I salivate over the gorgeous gowns and sky high heels and of course both have no practicality in my actually life. Thrift shopping is also part of my fashion repertoire… and that means turning old into new, not always trending.

So TRENDS? Meh they are exciting and fun and super cool, but sometimes you like what you like when you like it. Starry night patterns were sooo Topshops S/S 2011 looks but I am loving it right now. I love how mystical the patterns are, each one can be so unique. Starry skies will always be my weakness, on trend or not.



  1. As a fellow student who is practically penniless at the moment I definitely know exactly what you mean on that front. As for the cosmic/starry patterns, in or out, I love them to pieces. These photos are particularly gorgeous! :)

    <3 Shawna

  2. Thank you so much for passing on the liebster blog award to me! means a lot :) Love starry prints, and those american flag converse in the last photo are amazing! now following :)

  3. Hello gorgeous, OMG I [heart] your blog. So much inspiration here, and you have an awesome style!!


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