Big Blue Door

Christmas Break 504Christmas Break 505 Christmas Break 502 Christmas Break 503 Christmas Break 557 Me: camel pants, Mendocino ; sweater, Zara ; coat, Target ; headband, Topshop

Harry: sweater, Banana Republic ; scarf, Ralph Lauren Polo ; jeans, Nudie Jeans ; hat, Gap

Harry has never been to London we got to have a taste of all the sights once again. On our first morning we visited the Natural History Museum, which is one of my absolute favourites! Then we had a chance to drive around London and see just about everything!

These riding pants have been perfect for travel and ease. They are comfortable, look cute and go with just about everything. Mendocino caries them in several different colours, I want another pair in gray or black! The weather in London was perfect so the boys were able to sport just sweaters during the day. Harry wore my sunglasses… very funny, but looked London chic non-the-less!


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