I Apologize in Advance…

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… For the fact that you will see this purse in about 102849375 outfit posts. It is my new love of my life – relatively speaking. If you remember (which you probably don’t, but that’s okay:) this old bag post in which I really wanted a new purse, well that was in September! Some how I was never able to purchase any of the purses I came across. Funny enough it is the same colour as that Miu Miu bag. This baby is from Aldo and on sale, $45!! It came in black as well but I loved this creamy gray, my hope is that it will transition with me into the long awaited arrival of spring. Also more deals of the day – those pink tassels earrings were $3 at H&M. I found a row of them stashed away in the corner. They are definitely cheap and cheerful, but I needed to hop on the bandwagon of this tassel trend without spending $$$$. And the yummy gray shirt is from Costa Blanca, one of my favourites for random cheap shirts and skirts for going out.

That was my first time shopping in a long while now where I actually came back successful. Sometimes Toronto can be a real bore when it comes to finding interesting and unique pieces. Next stop – Value Village. I need my thrift shopping fix!



  1. That's such a great bag! Lovely tassel earrings, aswell.

    - Indie by Heart

  2. Loving these new items! The bag is a gorgeous colour & I adore the studs. As for the tassel earrings; I'm beyond envious - they're truly fabulous! Can't wait to see these both in outfit posts :)

    <3 Shawna

  3. The purse is gorge. I'm searching for a new one as well. Mine is already breaking. I want trendy!


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