Roma et Paree

Roma et Paris 1763Roma et Paris 1810 Roma et Paris 1874 Roma et Paris 1918 Roma et Paris 1985 Roma et Paris 2082 Roma et Paris 2126 Roma et Paris 2145 Roma et Paris 2168 Roma et Paris 2242 Roma et Paris 2266

Interesting theme here.. can you see it?

FOOD, EVERYWHERE. I am pretty sure between formal dress shopping and sight seeing I ate more food then a hungry teenaged boy after hockey practice. I had the most amazing trip, the most beautiful weather and the most scrumptious food.

So I must apologize for my serious MIA disappearance act thing, I got super busy then super lazy right after one another. I know have a bunch of exciting things lined up for the next little while. Hopefully you have enjoyed this photo journal! Missed this blogging thing, you start to get attached to the routine of it all!


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  1. Great photos! You're just like my friend who travels a lot : Always photos of food :D Well I do take pic from almost everything I eat when I'm abroad. :)

    Thank you so much for the comment! Welcome back :>

    Nd you're welcome, that link tip is free for all to use ! ^^
    Have a lovely weekend,

    - Indie by Heart

    Ps. Birthday Giveaway


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