Lotsa Baggage


Practical and perfect – cozy enough for fall to lead into winter!

Effortless, multi-use, classic black bag .. How do I not already have one!?!


K, nevermind the sexy hot pink platforms, that snakeskin screams sexy! I think I have a new fall crush, snakeskin is back.

Family Baggage! Everyone is sporting a cute bag!

Okay maybe miu miu is a little out of price range … but how soft does that leather look? A yummy look for fall.

Best Friend

I love coloured bags and they can totally work for fall, the issue is making sure they look right, sometimes they look a little cheap.

I have one a few of those fury things and they are the perfect accessory for an accessory.  That bag is also beautiful!


I am on the hunt for a new fall bag/purse. I want something that is versatile and timeless. I have been cruising my favourite blogs (which are all given credit too - click on the pictures please) to find some inspiration. Brown, Black, Snake Skin and Colour is what I have narrowed it down too … not exactly a small list.

I cannot wait to get to the stores, fall fashion here I come.


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