Arm Candy, Last Months Trend

Roma et Paris 1778Roma et Paris 1780 Roma et Paris 1781 Roma et Paris 1931

Dress, Atmosphere – Shirt, James Perse – Jacket, vintage – Ring, Topshop – Arm candy from everywhere

This was my first day touring in Rome. We did so much in one day my brain was flooded with amazing knowledge of art, history and religion. I was so excited to wear a little summer dress! I didn’t like the neckline very much so I layered with this breezy James Perse shirt. Also I decided to hop onto the bandwagon of arm candy… I found a few bracelets in a small store that were all very pretty so I couldn’t resist. I like the look of a full arm of sparkly things adds a little excitement to a boring outfit. And that ring.. I am absolutely obsessed with that ring. I love its colour, too perfect. Oh and my duck face in the second picture, im so veery very preeeetty. :D


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