Dinosaurs, Animals, Cannibals and Tik Toks

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Me – Jacket, Material Girl for Macy’s; top, Topshop; shorts, Levi’s; shoes, Browns; Feather in my hair, Macy’s  

   Sophie – shirt, Primark; shorts, Topshop

We pulled out all the stops for Ke$ha. Glitter, feathers, shortshorts, dirty hair, glitter, feathers, ripped clothing, more glitter. Basically I had the most fun that I could when it came to glitter! I don’t wear a ton of make up day to day. I like to have a chance to go all out and have some fun. Deep purples and lavenders rarely grace my face but it felt necessary for a night like this. Don’t forget the clashing pink lipstick to top it all off. The term “the more the merrier” definitely came into play for our outfits. I literally pulled out everything in my closet from the list above and put it on my body. Sometimes it is okay to make everything clash. May I repeat – SOMETIMES.

When else can you have this much fun?

Oh and the concert – it was awesome.


Ps. just kidding about the 100th post.. 2 more and we are good :S

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