Day ‘N’ Night

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Me – leggings, BCBG ; tank top, Topshop ; boots, Selfridges ; jacket, vintage ; sweater, Talula ; purse, Mark Jacob

Harry – jeans, Nudie Brand Jeans ; hoodie, Wings & Horns ; sweater, Hugo Boss ; flannel, Ralph Lauren ; shoes, Aldo ; hat, New Era

After much delay and frustration we finally got to the Kid Cudi concert. It was soso much fun. What we wore was extremely important, photographs were necessary! It was only the beginning of September but it was freezzzing!

I was all excited to pull out my leather jacket and boots for the occasion. I truly love fall fashion everything from boots and scarves to dark denim and cords! Layering makes the most amazing outfits. I had been trying to wear that starry eyed tank top all summer without success, so it was fun to finally wear it. It was the perfect concert outfit and kept me warm all night!

Harry is rocking enough layers to keep cosy as well! He basically backs up what I just said about layering. Have fun with it, different textures, styles and colours can look awesome.


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