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dress (worn as skirt), Topshop ; tank top, Tatiana Tera ; purse, Prada ; shoes, Bernardo ;  jewellery , all vintage 

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of events in Toronto. The Toronto International Film festive was in town. The city becomes insanely busy and fun during these weeks. I got the chance to be involved in a few ways. My sister was on the board for an event for Paul Haggis’s charity called Artists for Peace and Justice. (Check it out HERE) I got to meet him – which was veryyy cool – and the members of Arcade Fire who performed along side Eddie Vedder (who I fell in love with, I cannot stop listening to Rise) This outfit was the perfect transition between summer and fall. I love the maxi dress/skirt, especially this one. I found the dress more flattering as a skirt, I was extremely excited to wear before the end of summer!

The festival has been fun, got to see a movie and work in Holts with MoRoCo. I am extremely excited for the transition into my fall wardrobe! Well not exactly the weather but jackets and boots galore! 


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