skirt, H&M - top, American Eagle - purse, Aldo - shoes, Banana Republic 
Basically, the pretty girl in the middle Katie has left Canada for good and to celebrate (well in more appropriate terms say goodbye/we will miss you) we had a lovely potluck lunch! I really love that picture of us, we look so silly! That day was the hottest day I have endured in Toronto yet. The humidity almost killed us all but we managed to still look somewhat put together and pretty. 
I love this skirt, it has become my favourite traveling skirt because it is so easy to wear with anything! Hope everyone is enjoy their summer! 


  1. Beautiful pink maxi skirt! Love this summery outfit :)
    That last photo is awesome of all of you, haha!

    Trendy Teal

  2. pretty skirt! you and your friends are so cute!


  3. Nice outfit, I like your photos and your blog! :)

  4. Very pretty outfit, loving the colour of the skirt!

  5. LOVE your skirt. I need this for my upcoming trip to Europe so badly! You girls are beautiful xx


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