Bohemian Like You

shorts, American Apparel - shirt, Express - purse, Prada - necklace, Over the Rainbow - bracelets, random markets/gifts/countries
So everyone, its official, I never have to go back to high school ever, ever again… like no joke I am FREE. My graduation was on Friday, along with many other grad festivities, which I will post about later. This outfit was from last week in the midst of all the craziness. I am soooo obsessed with these shorts, I have worn them almost every day this week! Also above you can see my favourite summer arm candy. I love it because all of the pieces remind me of some of the wonderful travels I have had over the past few years.
Now that I don't have any homework, assignments or tests to weigh me down, I am going to promise that I will put my heart and soul into this blog, making it the best it can be!
And to start summer off with a bang - stay tuned for my very first GIVEAWAY. Hehe..


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