Wall-e Kewl

Montana 110514_0131_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0148_LoRes Proof Montana 110514_0196_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0226_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0285_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0296_LoRes ProofMontana 110514_0310_LoRes Proof  nerd glasses, Urban Outfitters ; vest, Topshop ; shirt, moms closet ; jeans, Topshop ; shoes, Aldo

Outfit #1

This was fun, really fun! Sticking with the natural make up and curly hair, I had some fun. This is basically an everyday outfit (minus the glasses and pumps). All the clothes are my own so it’s pretty cool to see them all photographed together. I am getting more comfortable in the camera in these pictures that is for sure!

- M

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