Neon Lights, On and On, Buzzin’, Little Secrets

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sources: one&three, four, seven, nine&ten… the rest are taken by me/someone I know

I’ve got summer fever. It was a dreary weekend (after a beautiful week I must say). I started to reorganize my closet to be adjusted to my spring/summer wardrobe. Pretty simple things like pulling my shorts down from the top selves and putting the fleeces to the back of the closet. Each move made me excited to wear all those easy breezy pieces! Colours, sunsets, rainbow, blue sky, bright orange, maxi dresses, daisy dukes, flipflops, wayfarers, flowers, swimming, bikinis, sailing, surfing, water balloon fights, no shoes, ice cream, bike rides, sunscreen, fireworks, canoe trips, extra vitamin d.

I Love Summer. It is official! No one can come in between us!

34 Days starting now.

Get pumped.

- M

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