Moment 4 Life

VeryFormal 2246VeryFormal 2255VeryFormal 2253  VeryFormal 2296  VeryFormal 2275 VeryFormal 2266 VeryFormal 2317 VeryFormal 2323VeryFormal 2370

VeryFormal 2391 VeryFormal 2413 VeryFormal 2454 VeryFormal 2470 VeryFormal 2482 VeryFormal 2506  Halston Heritage, dress; Aldo, shoes; Value Village, blazer

Formal, Formal, Formal. What a night, what a day, what an experience. I tried something completely different with my hair. I seriously detest updo’s normally, but after try this here I was inspired. The stylist did an amazing job! The dress and shoes were a really last minute decision. I was going to wear something else but I left it all to the last minute – drama!! As you can see I had a few amazing dates. My little brother the little monster, Emma the awesome best friend, Harry the real date and so many more. Everyone was looked absolutely beautiful.

It is a night that you look forward to forever and ever. I was the girl who dreamt about the perfect dress, date and night. As a grew up I started to say it was silly and cliché, which it is. The whole masquerade and event was hyped and overrated in my “grown up” mind. I tried to embrace them and enjoy them as they came this year. After all if a missed anything – I got next year to try again!

Formal was amazing, clichés and all.

- M

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