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I started this blog almost two years ago.

I started it because I wanted some way to be creative and have a place to share my ideas. Of course their was inspiration. It started with my utter dislike towards Toronto.. Hey sometimes it is a great city but the inspiration for fashion, not exactly thrilling. I turned to the Internet hoping and praying there would be something out there. Something, anything! Okay so I am not that dramatic but I do want to thank these lovely people. Their cool outfits, amazing photographs and interesting lives have been a complete inspiration. I've gotten a lot of shit for publishing my life stories and fashionable idea on a blog. I decided I don't care and once I get going on outfit pictures I want to publicize. It's gonna be real :)

These are some people that cannot be reviled in the fashionable world of social media. They are too cool for school. Some are from the very beginning, others have been picked up on the way.


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  1. I am so happy to see youre finally putting your style words of wisdom out there to share with everyone, keeping that much glam to yourself should be a crime. You have inspired me with my fail of a blog from grade 8, if you decide you are interested anough to creep it im pretty sure you will find a picture with you in it too haha from quite a while back.

    Peace, love, champagne,


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