No Hurry, In Africa

I had the amazing opportunity to spend my Christmas vacation in Africa. My family and I experienced the wonders of Tanzania and Mozsenbique. We need everything under the sun! The trip was eye opening and life changing. Our time was spent doing everything imaginable. From the lions in the Serengeti to the Turtles of Vamizi. If only I could really explain each and every aspect. I hope the pictures above can explain more of the adventure.

Looking at these pictures now makes me want to go back and enjoy those moments again. While at one of the destinations I came across a book of Africa Proverbs. They inspired me, as always I became enchanted by the short and sweet wisdom.

Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.

There is no river that flows without asound. (Zulu: South Africa)

Before one heal others, heal oneself. (Wolof: Senegal, The Gambia)

Kindness does not spoil. (Swahil: East Africa)

The first fruits are sweet, some so are the autumn fruits. (Ovambo: Namibia)

Days like to be provided for. (Zulu: South Africa)

~ Montana

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