I Pretend to Pray

Wow, so it is official. I will be saving money until I receive my diploma, once there I will be using those savings to buy a surf board and a plane ticket to a certain place. Then I will be finding an apartment or a shack, whatever works, at said place, in which I could rent monthly. From there I would get on that flight and start growing my hair long. I will then learn to surf, like really surf. Possibly get a bad pay, good tips job and find myself a fun group of friends.

Where is said place?

What inspired this interest?

Well to tell you the truth, I'm not sure how to answer the first question. It will be beautiful and by the ocean. I won't worry about much - other then tracking too much sand inside at the end of the day. The inspiration was sparked from my amazing trip to California! I will attempt to upload a my outfit pictures in the next few weeks with more details!

Peace, Sand, LOVE :)


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