Okay so admit it you all watched Laguna Beach once or twice in your lifetime. And when you saw all the extravagant “promposals” your heart melted. Since those cute episodes the whole idea of being asked out to prom has changed. Lovely enough that is how my boyfriend and I got together – lets just say it was both embarrassing and amusing. So in conclusion, he kept with the tradition and decided to cheer me up after getting my wisdom teeth removed on Friday. The pictures above display my bedside table full of survival necessities cream, flowers, pain meds, books etc. Lets just say a bowl of jello is exactly what I needed!
More outfit posts once I recover – promise!!


  1. You're lucky to have such a sweet & cute boyfriend! Hope you feel better soon love <3

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  2. This is so cute and adorable and beyond words. You're so lucky to have each other. Feel better :) <3

    Also, thanks for you super sweet comment <3 I really appreciate it. I hope you loved the blog enough to follow :)



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