How do you Define your Style?




With the extra days off last Easter weekend I decided to finally take a stab at my over-flowing closet. Basically after living in two separate houses this was the result of everything coming together without much organization. My mom and I try to do this bi-yearly and it is a really refreshing experience. Normally we have about 5-10 people look through it before we give the rest to a woman’s shelter or Goodwill. I wish I saw this post at Shawn’s Serpentine Streets before my clean out because these are the rules that should be followed! Surprisingly I followed them as best I could and gave away some things that I was hanging on to for too long. Anyhow as I was cleaning I kept asking my self the same question – What in the WORLD is my style?
You know on all those websites like Lookbook.nu or Chictopia.com where they pose you the question: define your style. I am always, ALWAYS stumped. I have clothes from designers, thrift stores (especially value village), highstreet brands, vintage shops, my mothers closet etc. They seem to all blend together in my closet. I love polka dots, stripes, flower prints, preppy, edgy, feminine and so many more styles. I know that it is not necessary to define a persons style in one sentence but sometimes it would be a whole lot easier. Shopping wouldn’t be so frustrating (or expensive) and I could go about picking outfits with a bit more ease. Most days I rely on my mood and the weather.
But now I ask you readers, what do you think my style is? Is there any point trying to define it? How do you define your style?


  1. Great post darling & thanks for the mention! I really liked reading your musings on defining your style, because it's something I think about fairly frequently. I definitely haven't come even close to defining my personal style, & am not sure if I ever will. It would definitely make things easier & less expensive as you said. Like you though, most days I just go by the weather & my mood! :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  2. I would die for a nice walk-in like that! Me and the hubs have to share a teeny tiny closet in our teeny tiny apartment...haha


  3. Why is your closet so big and pretty?! I've started using my suitcase as an extra place to store clothes...yup, I'm that glamorous.



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