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Me: polka-dot blouse, Zara ; camel pants, Mendocino ; fur vest, Le Chateau ; headband, Aldo ; booties, borrowed

Harry: blouse & blazer, Zara ; jeans, Nudie Jeans;

I don’t actually have an office job where this type of outfit transition is fully necessary but it worked out well for a quick switch. My new camel riding pants are super comfy and actually flattering. The blouse is also super cute and it seems like they were a match made it heaven! The vest is one from a costume so the fur isn’t that cozy but it pulls the whole thing together. Basically, this is my casual classy look ready for action.

Harry’s outfit isn’t done justice in these photos. The colour of the deep blue against his khaki blazer was awesome. He is looking extremely dapper on this nice fall morning. We both needed to “dress up” for school. Heheh we like to pretend we are alll grown up!

Stay tuned for the follow-up post!


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